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Mitza 12-11-07 11:49 AM

Going out...
I'm going out today, with my research group.. And I'm really anxious about it.. I don't want to go.. But I know I should, because I'll be even more left out if I don't.. There were 7 new students starting this fall, and they are all so clever.. Hard working.. And I was suppose to finish now.. And here I am.. Doing nothing.. Just trying to survive.. :( ... I feel like a lost cause.. And I feel embarrassed.. And guilty, for not having done as I should... Both my supervisors will be there, and I don't want to meet them. I don't want to say a word at all.. I wish I could just disappear into a hole right now.. :(

tiggrr 12-11-07 12:23 PM

Don't worry Mitza, you're there b/c you earned it. Never mind what others do, believe in yourself. You're as good as any and better than some. No doubt you're clever too or you wouldn't be there at all.

silent cry 12-11-07 04:40 PM

tiggs is right.

dont worry hun

Mitza 12-11-07 06:54 PM

Thanks.. I went.. It was not an easy night.. I ended up doing some things I shouldn't have... But I went.. I'm so tired now.. A bit drunk and sad.. so I guess I should sleep.. I hope I can.. Thanks for answering.. *hugs*

tiggrr 12-12-07 07:09 PM

I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you think. Hope there was some fun in there.

Mitza 12-13-07 05:32 PM

It was good food and drink.. But I ended up feeling really bad.. I really shouldn't drink when I feel bad to begin with.. Drinking is not good.. Not at all..

tiggrr 12-24-07 07:14 PM

no, not when you feel down. It makes it worse.

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