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silent cry 12-01-07 03:56 AM

new places
im goin to birmingham today to do some shoppin, been there b4 once. im excited but at the same time im so scared. scred of getting lost and not being able to find my way back. there are shops as soon as i come out the station which i was planning on sticking too, but there are 2 other shops i really wana go to which mean i need to walk around to find them. im scared about doin that. if i do get lost i feel uncomfortable asking for directions, what if i cant find my way?
also i hate big cities so just being there makes me anxious anyway. grrr!

Mitza 12-01-07 06:19 AM

I'm sorry Silent.. I wish I could come with you shopping.. I love exploring cities, finding my way... Maybe there is a free tourist map you can bring from the railway station? The maps are usually crap, but they use to have shopping streets drawn it at least.. ;) I hope you don't get lost, and have a great time shopping. :)

silent cry 12-01-07 11:40 AM

im home.
started off scary, i wanted to get the train to birmingham new street, but the man on ticket desk just said 'you can get the train to birmingham moor st which is next.

arghh i've never been to moor st b4 so was scared, but i jumped on the train. tried to remember every turning etc i made. was quite scary cus didnt really know where i was goin. only kinda got lost once, but i turned around and found my way out. was so pleased with myself i managed to find my way to both my favourite shops and found both the christian book shops. there was only one shop i couldnt find that i wanted too.
started to get stressed after a while tho so had to grab train back home.

Mitza 12-01-07 11:55 AM

That's great Silent! :) I'm proud of you for going there today, and finding your way!! *hugs*

silent cry 12-01-07 11:59 AM


well i got my bday and xmas present from my dad. (dad gave me money to buy sumin and he will wrap em up now) so i got 2 hoodie type jackets (one red with white drawings on like doodles, and one black with white stars) some black baggy trousers, socks and a casting crowns album :)

Mitza 12-01-07 12:02 PM

ah... I love hoodies and baggy trousers too!! :) :)

silent cry 12-01-07 12:03 PM

you have good taste gal :)

Mitza 12-01-07 12:05 PM


Mitza 12-01-07 12:06 PM

:D You have to recommend stores for me to shop in... Going to London in February..

silent cry 12-01-07 12:09 PM

really?? how come ur goin to london?

ive never been to london (but hanna lives in london at mo ile ask her)
primark is brill (its all nice clothes from nice shops but at low prices. like today i got one hoody, baggy trousers and socks for £8.50 from primark- BARGAIN :)

Mitza 12-01-07 12:17 PM

I'm going to a dance camp for a weekend, and then I'm visiting London afterwards with my brother. :)

I'll try to remember Primark then.. Thanks.

silent cry 12-01-07 12:24 PM

where are you from again??
wow a dance comp- id so love to see you dance :) i love dance so much.

wish we could meet up.

Mitza 12-01-07 12:32 PM

I'm from Norway.

Maybe you can see me dance one day..

If you came to London we could meet.. How far from London do you live?

silent cry 12-01-07 12:35 PM

you have a long way to travel then.

hmm london is about 100 and something miles away from me, a few hours on the train i think.

Mitza 12-01-07 12:43 PM

Well, it's less than 2h flight to London.. *lol*

I'd let you know when I come over. Would be fun to meet. :)

silent cry 12-01-07 12:45 PM


well it still means you have to get on a plane and go to another country- so it is a long way haha

Mitza 12-01-07 12:48 PM

*lol* I guess.. I'm quite used to traveling though.. I love to travel..

silent cry 12-01-07 12:51 PM

you must be so good at dance to travel round so much entering all the competitions :)
i hate travelling- never left england. when i used to dance i was always too scared to enter the competitions, the thought of being judged put me off

Mitza 12-01-07 12:58 PM

Well, I've never taken dance competitions really serious either. The level on the competitions here are not very high, since I compete in a couple dance (Lindy Hop), that is not so big in Norway, YET.. ;)
I love the dance though.. It's a lot about musicality and improvisation. And doing crazy stuff.. :)

What did you dance? I know you have told me.. Hmm... *gold fish memory*

silent cry 12-01-07 01:02 PM

yeah i remember you sayin u did lindy hop :)

the main dancing i did was contemporary dance and street dance, and i occasionally did a couple of lessons in other styles.
i danced for about 15 years

Mitza 12-01-07 01:07 PM

wow.. That's a long time.. I've just danced for 6 years.. Want to learn lots of other styles.. Especially single dance.. Need to learn how to move well.. ;)

silent cry 12-01-07 01:10 PM

its funny i cant do improvising while dancing, i need routines. i know loads of routines

Mitza 12-01-07 01:14 PM

ah.. Maybe you could teach me some one day.. I need practice learning new routines..

silent cry 12-01-07 01:16 PM

sure. i could teach you a character dance, or a contempory dance or street dance routine and you could teach me lindy hop :)

Mitza 12-01-07 01:19 PM

:) Sure.. I hope you are patient, though.. *lol*

silent cry 12-01-07 01:23 PM

why would i need to be patient?.. your a dancer

Mitza 12-01-07 01:28 PM

well.. I haven't had that much practice.. I'm just an amateur.. ;)

silent cry 12-01-07 01:35 PM

what makes you think im sum kinda professional?.. im amateur too, ive just been amateur for longer

Mitza 12-01-07 01:42 PM

Ok, good. :)

silent cry 12-01-07 01:53 PM

we just need somewhere big enough to dance with no-one watchin

Mitza 12-01-07 01:55 PM

true.. Hmm... A tube station would be big enough.. But a lot of people watching.. :)

silent cry 12-01-07 01:59 PM

err but with a lot of people in the way the room gets smaller, and it wouldnt be very safe to have so many things in the way. ile have to ask hanna to find a hall for us :)

Mitza 12-01-07 02:01 PM

*lol*.. Yes, you do that!! :D

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