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Mitza 12-01-07 11:17 AM

I'm going to a dance camp for a weekend, and then I'm visiting London afterwards with my brother. :)

I'll try to remember Primark then.. Thanks.

silent cry 12-01-07 11:24 AM

where are you from again??
wow a dance comp- id so love to see you dance :) i love dance so much.

wish we could meet up.

Mitza 12-01-07 11:32 AM

I'm from Norway.

Maybe you can see me dance one day..

If you came to London we could meet.. How far from London do you live?

silent cry 12-01-07 11:35 AM

you have a long way to travel then.

hmm london is about 100 and something miles away from me, a few hours on the train i think.

Mitza 12-01-07 11:43 AM

Well, it's less than 2h flight to London.. *lol*

I'd let you know when I come over. Would be fun to meet. :)

silent cry 12-01-07 11:45 AM


well it still means you have to get on a plane and go to another country- so it is a long way haha

Mitza 12-01-07 11:48 AM

*lol* I guess.. I'm quite used to traveling though.. I love to travel..

silent cry 12-01-07 11:51 AM

you must be so good at dance to travel round so much entering all the competitions :)
i hate travelling- never left england. when i used to dance i was always too scared to enter the competitions, the thought of being judged put me off

Mitza 12-01-07 11:58 AM

Well, I've never taken dance competitions really serious either. The level on the competitions here are not very high, since I compete in a couple dance (Lindy Hop), that is not so big in Norway, YET.. ;)
I love the dance though.. It's a lot about musicality and improvisation. And doing crazy stuff.. :)

What did you dance? I know you have told me.. Hmm... *gold fish memory*

silent cry 12-01-07 12:02 PM

yeah i remember you sayin u did lindy hop :)

the main dancing i did was contemporary dance and street dance, and i occasionally did a couple of lessons in other styles.
i danced for about 15 years

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