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ghost 11-21-07 12:34 PM

tell me about it

bentnotbroken 11-21-07 12:41 PM

i know nothing of it except that my doc added it to my cocktail yesterday after breaking down in his office...

shadowAKA086 11-21-07 12:42 PM

Well, it's a little round pill about the size of a dime, and it...

J/K. ^_^ It's an anti-depressent. I'm taking it, and it works fairly well with Depakote. For more information, click on this link -----> http://www.drugs.com/wellbutrin.html

dreamer 11-21-07 02:08 PM

it does something to your dopamine levels. idk. i took it for less than a week last year, made me go nuts. couldn't sleep, horrible paranoid racing thoughts that made me completely unable to talk to/interact with people normally. i would recommend it as a diet pill b/c it made me not want to eat any thing. but then i tend to have weird rxns to pills of all kinds so idk.

ghost 11-26-07 08:41 AM

well my girl is takin it now and i wanted to know what it willl do to her. and what i should have her not do with them

Strawbean 11-26-07 11:44 AM

For someone who has clinical depression, it will work for some, like any med...
I've taken it before, and had no problems really, it worked great...
no side effects... I've known other people to take it also..

(Then of course I found out later that I didn't have just depression and shouldn't be on an antidepressant... bc when I took it again (bc it "worked" for me before) :) (well, it did work, brilliantly) it made me swing to the other end of the bipolar spectrum... which for me was normal - felt like my old bouncy self again - was great... but it's not good for people with bp, so I don't take it anymore...)
but otherwise, i didn't have any trouble with it at all..

Good luck for your girl.

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