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copingalone 11-04-13 09:49 AM

anxiety gone crazy
Since the memories of a r*pe were triggered a few weeks ago by a storyline on tv I have been experiencing really bad anxiety - I'm scared someone is out to get me for what happened, that they wish to punish me, they wait and watch for me at night to get me in the dark, and one day if they don't get me they will get my family or friends! I know the guy who did this to me has been sent back to his home country but that doesn't help these feelings. It's almost as if it happened yesterday and I can't cope! I live very day in fear and remain locked indoors, too scared to go outside most days. If something did happen to me I know the police wouldn't care because they treated me like sh*t when friends made me report it and they have scarred me for life!

SensualGirl 11-04-13 06:30 PM

You don't think the police would care if you got killed or beaten?

Maybe you should learn to live with uncertainty. Easier said than done though.:hug:

copingalone 11-04-13 06:33 PM

They didn't care when I was r*ped so why would they care if anything else happened to me? They treated me like shit and continued to treat me the same even when my friend had to stop me running away and attempting suicide whilst at the station because of what they were putting me through!

SensualGirl 11-04-13 07:00 PM

Rape is harder to prove than killing and beating. Murder and assault are more clear cut than sexual assault.

copingalone 11-05-13 01:43 AM

It doesn't mean they can treat me like sh*t!

copingalone 11-05-13 01:44 AM

Or maybe I deserved it for getting drunk and 'allowing' it to happen...

SensualGirl 11-05-13 02:10 AM

The police come from a very gritty world of the streets. They are used to seeing five year old girls' heads cut off and stuff. They're not like therapists at all. I hope you understand that.

copingalone 11-05-13 03:18 AM

I don't expect them to be like therapists but just not to treat people like dirt!

copingalone 11-05-13 03:31 AM

They made my experience a hell of a lot worse because of the way they treated me and if they just had a little more heart or compassion then I don't think I would have been so messed up mentally that following year!! Clearly you think it is ok to be treated like dirt after an assault and that what they did to me was acceptable...

SensualGirl 11-05-13 05:53 AM

If you feel comfortable answering this, what exactly happened? Also, what did the cops do?

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