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JustanotherGuy 09-03-13 03:25 AM

I don't mind being alone anymore.
Hi every body!

I remember few years ago that I register to this forum, I was only about 16 years old, fast forward a few years later and I'm 22.

That's about 6 years or a little less and things have change a little.
Today I'm the father of 2 beautiful babies - a girl and a boy, and I love them so much!

Back when I was 16 I had no self-esteem, I could not look at any body directly to their eyes, I was bullied and made fun off and I had no real friends.

Today, my feelings are numb towards my wife, I'm really not happy with her, I've no friends and I rather stay away from my family (dad, mom, sister, etc).

But you know what? Fuck all those people who bullied me, I'm a men today and I'm not afraid of creating eye contact, and even though I've no real friends, I don't need them - I've being alone most of my life that I'm used to it, it don't bother me too much.

Moral of the story is that even though I've not gotten away from depression completely, it has made me a stronger person.

I'm a good guy, not the best dad but I love my kids, I treat people the way they treat me and I'm not afraid of standing up for myself.

When I was 16 (give or take) and I was a member of this forum, I promised myself that whenever I was no longer depressed, I would come back to this forum and thank you guys and give my support to any of you.

Today as I said, depression is still somewhat part of me, but I'm better, and I'm here to tell you that live is good, and that you're great, don't give up, fight for your dreams, and fuck all the obstacles.

I once tried to commit suicide, but I ended up in hospital for 3 days. I regret it, I don't even like thinking about it, not because it's sad but for other reasons.

Today, I see the smallest things of life as wonderful, like eating a delicious meal, watching my favorite team on TV even though we suck, pursuing my goals, and my kids. I always wonder, if that day I would've die, I would be missing those great experiences.

Don't give up. :hug:

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