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bentnotbroken 08-10-07 07:07 PM

well, i've given cymbalta the summer to work and i still don't like it. i can only take it every other day, as it makes me kinda shaky and makes me sick to my stomach. i take it with food late in the a.m. so that helps some, but i think next week when i go back to the doc to get a refill on my anti-anxiety meds, i'm gonna ask him to go back on lexapro, just double the dosage. idk. i'm tired of having to take meds, but for now i cannot function w/o them. i HATE that! but if i forget to take my antidepressant for a day or 2, my mood swings are crazy. i just break down crying for no reason and i can't control the swings. i know i'll probably have to "wean" myself off the cymbalta and then "wean" myself back onto lexapro or whatever he may suggest because my stomach is so sensitive that everything makes me sick to my stomach. also, i'm thinking about asking him to double my klonopin. i'm only on 0.5 mg prn and i've been having to take at least 2 to even think about sleeping at night. usually i take one in the car on the way home and another 1 b4 i go to bed. i hate panic attacks! now, i've started having them during the day and i really don't want to have to take stuff at work. idk. anyway, wondered if anyone had any suggestions as to something comparable to lexapro?

boulevard-traveler 08-10-07 11:07 PM

i was on cymbalta too...for the first week or so, i got sick to my stomach, but after that first week, it went away...it worked...

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