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Little Sister 08-05-06 01:58 AM

Sibling Suicide book idea
My brother committed suicide when he was only 14 years old.

I was 12 when my brother decided to end his life. Now at 25 years of age I realize I cant ignore the loss and pain I have suffered. I have existed in able medicated state since his death. I choose to suffer in silence, pertending evrything was fine, trying to stay strong for the sake of my parents.

I have been in survival/denile mode, that was the best I could do at the time. I now feel it is time to face the cold hard truth. I am ready to work through the grief anger, shame, ect so I can begin to forgive and move on with my life.

I am toying with the idea of writing a book. I want to share my story, if for no there reason get everything out.

Would others be willing to share their experiences and collaborate with me in such a way?

iris45211 08-05-06 02:03 AM

Little Sister, I think that you have a great idea. I believe that it would help you to get through some of your unresolved feelings. I would help you even though I have never lost anyone to suicide. I am usually on the other side of that coin.

Little Sister 08-07-06 02:53 AM

thanks for your support
Thanks for responding.

I have just started playing with the idea of writing a book. I dont know if i would even want to publish it. I think the whole process of writing could really help me to sort through my emotions and aide in my own healing process.

I would like to help others by sharing my experience but I am not ready for that just yet. I never allowed myself to grieve for my brother. I suppressed my feelings which has proven to be very destructive for me in the long run. It has been a huge step for me to even reach this point of accepting that my brother is really never coming back.

Book Ideas:

My brother committed suicide when he was only 14 years old. Will I ever get over it and be able to move on with my life?

We are not alone, ever

Tell my experience- How we found out and how that day unfolded

Have others tell their stories

Significance of the sibling interaction and bond


My own thoughts of suicide
What has saved me from myself

Parents- How awful it is to witness there pain
Feeling like you have to look strong for them so they don’t worry about you
When really you are suffering in silence
Forced myself to suppress feelings

Survival mode kicked in, walked the walk without talking the talk

Realizing I had to come to terms with and face the past that I so long had ignored, denied, suppressed

Plan for accepting

personal goal to be able to forgive, feel, deal with, express, acknowledge and ultimately work though

please let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions for me.

thanks again, little sister

distorted innocence 08-13-06 12:06 PM

that's an awesome idea!!! i think you should go with it! i would buy it!

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