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LittleTom 08-09-07 02:48 AM

Dothiepin (DOTHEP)
Hi, i am new here but not new to Depression.

I have had PND for 13 months before i was given the Right treatment for it. This med.

My question is IF anyone can answer it, Is it safe to use this while TTC or Preg?

I would love to TTC#2 but at this point in time i am worried that it may affect bub. (i am not worried about me as i have now came to terms with my self and PND and love the idea of another baby.)

DS is 19 months old. and i have been working so i do get a great "break" away from him and have came to the point that i am "better" and would love another baby.

I will also be seeking councling while TTC and Preg to help. But this is my main question before TTC.

I am on the pill @ $15 a month, so that would save a lot of money.

I will also be able to come off the meds without to much of a withdrawal as i am seeing other health care people that will change my diet and add what i need without the meds to keep me where i am now. ("better").

So any advice would be great TY.

(PS: i don't want to affect the baby by being on the meds if i do get preg while on them, so i will be coming off them after Xmas so it won't be a long time on them before coming off. ) :)

boulevard-traveler 08-10-07 11:54 AM

i think the best person to ask would be your doctor...

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