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boulevard-traveler 07-15-07 01:44 PM

yeah...i don't think i cried during bambi...becuase i was so young when i started wathing it that the cute little animals where what got me.

my fav. disney movie is sleeping beauty...when i was two, i used to watch that movie all the time, actually wore out the tape.

disney has this thing that they release certain movies for so long and then don't release them for like 7 years and this was one of those movies, so my mom wrote disney and told them that the tape was stolen and requested another tape...sure enough, they sent another copy.

silent cry 07-15-07 03:50 PM

hehehe.. maybe i should try that..

'err excuse me mr disney.. my complete set of disney films were stolen and im distraught.. please can you replace them for me'

do u think they would buy it?

boulevard-traveler 07-16-07 12:20 AM

i dunno know...

*username* 07-16-07 12:44 AM

It's worth a try silent, it's always worth a try...


Good luck...

I used to do that with snow white, watch it over and over...

silent cry 07-17-07 11:14 AM

well i started my disney shopping today oz.. got 3 disney films.. bedknobs and broomsticks, tarzan and finding nemo (makes me cry every time)

so that gives me a collection of about 6 now :) whoo!

boulevard-traveler 07-17-07 11:19 AM

i love bedknobs and broomsticks...i used to sing "bobbing along" all the time...

silent cry 07-17-07 11:21 AM


*username* 07-19-07 09:05 AM

I love B&B...


*wanders off singing*

You'll be in my heart, yes you'll be in my heart...

boulevard-traveler 08-12-07 05:22 PM

aw man...i remember when i first saw toy story 2 and the song "when somebody loved me' played, i began to cry...it still makes me cry...

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