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*username* 07-14-07 09:04 AM

Good idea, a Disney film, got any thoughts on which one?

silent cry 07-14-07 09:09 AM

maybe the hunchback of notredame?

i think i need to go shopping and buy myself more selection of disney films.. i want beauty and the beast.. i love that. and dumbo.. ooh too many to mention.. i want them all

*username* 07-14-07 09:10 AM

I've never seen hunchback...

Although I hear it has the same plot as Phantom of the Opera... And I know that one very well....

Having complete disney films'd be wonderful

silent cry 07-14-07 09:11 AM

u must get it oz.. its great..

i think i may invest in the complete set hehe

*username* 07-14-07 09:14 AM

Ooo we could share them...

Oh wait we live on opposite ends of the world...

silent cry 07-14-07 10:26 AM

cool idea.. then we only half to buy half each :)

hmm.. well there is always royal mail. :)

CrazyBirdLady 07-14-07 03:16 PM

The words remind me of the first Land Before Time movie when Littlefoots mom dies and she tells him to "listen to your heart, it whispers so you must listen closely" She tells him his heart will guide him to the new land.

boulevard-traveler 07-14-07 10:01 PM

yeah...i remember the first time i saw lion king...it made me cry. i think it's the very first movie that made me cry...and i mean cry...

*username* 07-14-07 11:26 PM

SC - the cost of mailing back and forth whenever we wanted the movies would probably be more than the saving... pity.. well, until one of us moves then...

bt: i think that was bambi for me... the fire scene...

silent cry 07-15-07 02:00 AM

i remember watching the lion king for the first time at school in my technology lesson.. and i just cried :(

i duno the first film i cried at.. i cry at nearly every film

err good point oz!

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