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cheech 07-08-13 06:07 PM

Vivid dream. Night made. Hallucination. Help!!
This is quite long but if someone could take the time, id really appreciate it! The other morning, the scariest thing happened to me. My boyfriend had woken up at 5am (waking me up as well) and he started getting ready for work. Come 5:30, he left. I laid in bed for the whole half an hour, but I was awake and talking to him. When he left for work, I turned the lights back of and tried to go back to sleep, like I do every single morning. But this time it was different. I was laying in bed, trying to drift to sleep, just thinking about random stuff, when all of a sudden I start to hear what sounded like children singing. It was annoying, but I thought it was just my mind being weird. Like when you get a song stuck in your head? Anyway, then it turned to children talking, then more grown up voices talking, and they wouldn't shut up. I don't remember what they were saying, but I could tell they were evil, as well as an evil presence I could sort of feel. Then- I heard an evil sort of laugh, and visualised a dancing skeleton in my head. It's not the first time my mind has visualised things before, but paired with all the voices and feeling that there was something in my room, I decided it was enough..so I went to turn the light on. The lamp on my bedside table wouldn't turn on, so I reached to light up my phone. The screen was really dark, which sometimes happens on my iPhone..the brightness just switches off. So it was too dark for me to see anything. I was sitting there thinking "what the hell? what is happening??" And then, I woke up- still lying in bed but with my back facing the bedside table, lamp and phone. I just thought, "wow that was a weird dream" and was relieved- but I really, really thought I was awake during the whole thing. I don't even remember falling asleep. It was like it all happened whole laying there trying to sleep. Anyway, I wouldn't find that too weird, IF it didn't happen again like 20 minutes later! Again I tried to fall back asleep, just laying in bed in the dark. All of a sudden, I hear the voices again. This time, a voice that sounded a lot like me was talking to me. Didn't seem too evil but I was still scared and wanted it to stop. But I just layed there, thinking I was awake, hoping my mind would stop being such a pain in the ass. When all of a sudden the voice told me to "read this". It wanted me to read something. I didn't want to and remember refusing to. The voice again said "please just read this" and next thing I know, my phone is in my bed, light up, with writing on the screen. Kinda looked like the "terms and conditions" screen that comes up before you sign up for stuff online. Anyway, this time I was kind of more aware. I could tell "it's happening again" but I was still scared, and still thought I was awake. So I threw my phone, and then heard a very loud bang at my door. I figured it was just the phone hitting the door, but the banging continued, as if someone was bashing it down. And then I felt a feeling, like someone was touching and pushing against my ribs. And then I could sense it was evil, and I was scared. But I just layed there. Then, again, I woke up. And didn't go back to sleep after that. What the hell? Similar stuff has happened before, but never like that, and never that vivid. I thought I was awake. And still a part of me thinks I was and I was just hallucinating? I've heard of sleep paralysis..but it was a bit different. I wasn't laying there paralysed, in my "dream" I was moving around in bed, trying to turn on the light, throwing my phone. I don't know! Can someone who knows what this means try to explain? Thank you!!

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