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Disposable Angel 05-18-07 04:42 PM

Celexa & Trazodone
Anyone ever been on these? Thats what the doc gave me........

iris45211 05-18-07 04:50 PM

I have never been on Celexa, but my mother took it and didn't care for it. One of the side effects that she noticed was loss of hair, witch does happen with some meds.

I do take trazodone. I have been on it for many years. Are they giving it to you to help you sleep? Or for depression? Most docs don't prescribe it as an antidepressant, because at theraputic levels it would cause too much drowzyness. People would say that "you would have to wake the person up for their next dose". At lower doses though it can be used as a sleep aid. The worst side effect when you first start taking it is having that "foggy" feeling when you wake up. That does go away after you have been on for a while.

If I am not being too nosey, may I ask the dosage that you are taking??

Disposable Angel 05-18-07 05:05 PM

Well he told me that Celexa can be taken with anything else there's nothing to worry about with it... those are 20MG.. those are for depression...

The Trazodone is 50MG. I just got them today so i havent taken that one yet.. its for sleep.. You're not being too nosey Iris you could never be too nosey. :wink:

iris45211 05-18-07 05:11 PM

Just make sure that you leave a little extra time to get up in the morning. 50mgs is a little bit higher than the normal starting dose of 25mgs. Like I said pretty much the worst side effect that I ever had was being really drowzy the next morning.

I am on it for depression and I take 300mgs. That is where it actually starts acting as a full antidepressant. I wish you good luck with it.. It can be an exellent sleep aid. And it is non addictive.

Disposable Angel 05-18-07 07:39 PM

Thanks Iris.. I'm just kinda scared to be on any meds.. and now I'm on two..

dreamer 05-18-07 09:49 PM

i took traz, that one knocked me out! great for those moments when you really just don't want to be awake any more! :)
i hope these go well for you angel...keep us posted...

Disposable Angel 05-19-07 01:29 AM

lol thanks Dreamer... I'm about to take my first one in a few minutes here... i'm so tired anything could knock me out though.... i hope these go well... i just dont like them...

iris45211 05-19-07 02:05 PM

Taking meds (while most people don't want to) can help, a lot sometimes. I hope that you have luck with yours. Are you also doing psychotherapy? Usually the combination works a little better than either one alone.

nneighbour 05-19-07 02:19 PM

I've never been on trazodone, but I was on celexa for a couple of years. Started at 20 mg and went up to 100 mg. I found it to be quite helpful but for myself it had a pretty short effectiveness as I stopped working for me after a couple of years. Very few side effects and totally worth a try.

Disposable Angel 05-19-07 10:05 PM

psychotherapy? lol i dont know anything... I'm seeing someone who just gives me meds.. and then a therapist too... and a case worker...

thanks nneighbour i'm hearing a lot of mixed things about the celexa.. the doc! omg.. he wouldnt shut up about it.. saying how great it was...

the trazodone didnt help at all last night! stupid pill....

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