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rememberthegirl 07-02-13 11:37 PM

Starting a "Body Transformation Program"...
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When I was a teenager (right up until I was about 20), I was so fit and toned and looked great. The funny thing is that I never realised this at the time..I actually thought I was fat! Up until I was 17 I weighed 52kg, and up until I was 20 I weighed 58kg. I've always been quite muscley for a female too from playing softball and keeping active.

Then I moved out of home and started eating worse and didn't get as much exercise since starting fulltime work. I packed on the kg. Now at 26, I'm 10kg heavier now than I was when I was 20. This may not sound like too much.... but it is a lot for someone who has always been small, especially considering my height (5'2).

I hate being at the gym and looking into the mirror. I hate how all of my clothes are getting tight on me again. I hate looking at myself in photos. I won't even let people take photos of me because I hate how fat I feel now. I feel so fat next to my bf, who is very fit and has a 6 pack. I'm sick of getting paranoid over the fact that he would prefer a slim, fit girl (like all of his friends gfs) and that he will leave me for someone like that. I want to be toned and slim. I've had enough of being depressed about this.

I've tried numerous diets...milkshake diets, Jenny Craig (don't know if that's only in Australia..but it's a meal program), Weight Watchers (calorie counting)... and while they have worked in the short term, it's been hard to maintain the weight loss. I need to stay on a strict, regulated program or else I'll just fall back into my old ways.

The other day I was watching this show (it's my bf's fave show) which is all about working out and stuff. And each year they have a body transformation competition - the results of those in the top 10 was just jaw dropping. So I decided that I'm going to do it. It's free as long as I blog about it on their website and use their supplements. I think the blogging part will be really good motivation for me.

So I've got my Body Transformation Guidebook now, which explains how gaining weight and weight loss works, how our body works, what foods I should eat and should stay away from, etc. And I'm really excited about it. I'll be on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, along with drinking their protein shakes and going to the gym daily. It's my goal to make it into the top 10 for next year... this may be too ambitious, but why not reach for the stars. :thumbsup:

strawberry bitch 07-13-13 08:12 PM

That sounds very promising!! Please let us know about your progress :)

hottea654 11-12-14 10:35 PM

RTG, this is an old post. How did your goal to transform work out? How are you doing?

Did you ever do anything like cut out the majority of the sugar in your diet to see if that helps? If you start looking at your normal foods, if they are like most peoples' foods in the cupboard and you look at sugars in the food... you begin to realize that we eat a lot of sugar without even knowing it. 4 grams of sugar is 1 teaspoon if that's a measure you use over the metric system where you live. Learning how to add up how much sugar I get in a day in foods I thought didn't really have much, has helped me at least eat with better knowledge of what was in my food so I can grow more healthy.

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