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dawn 06-25-06 09:55 PM

I want out
I am different than what I have read. I have no family and no friends to talk to. They are burdened. I am done. I want to know what is the easiet
way to end all of this. No more, If this is the wrong websight can you send me to another.

pacman 06-25-06 10:00 PM

I cant say I havent been there but no one here will help you kill youself and if you truely want to die you would not be here. You have read the post from what you say witch means you wand a friend you will find many here Irish red is one who will listen as long as you need her/him to.

irishred 06-25-06 10:28 PM

what's going on dawn? what happened to make you feel this way?

Shaydar 06-26-06 12:17 PM

Some of us are alone except for our friends here. My two closest ppl died within 2 months of eachother. I've been raped and beaten by those I trusted and molested by a masked face. I have no one out in the "real world" but if you are willing I am here. I'm just an e-mail or response away. You aren't alone in the emptiness if you have one other person that sees the vast darkness too

shadowAKA086 06-26-06 03:50 PM

We're your friends and family, dawn, and we love you. Tell us what's troubling you so that we can help get you through it.

Sparkling 06-26-06 11:16 PM

response to Dawn
Dear Dawn:
Thanks for being honest and sharing your true feelings. I've been there. There were times that things seemed to black. But, what I learned is as in nature, there are ups and downs, and if you just hang in there, the light will come and you'll find something that excites you and this will be just a memory. If you don't have friends now, it doesnt mean that you won't make new friends. I had to change all my friends. They just didn't get me. They totally were on another planet. I felt so isolated because all the people that I hung with just didn't get who I was. I pulled away, isolated for quite some time, and then when I felt better, I ventured out and found that I was really ok, that I didn't need anyone, and then when I didn't need them, great people showed up. i don't know if that helps or not. But there are lots of great people here who are looking for friends, and their not looknig for 'perfect plastic people'. They're looking for people who have real lives and real emotions, and wer'e all here to talk. Please feel free to e-mail me back anytime. In helping one another, it helps us forget some of our own problems.

Jenn Riley 07-07-06 07:03 PM

hey dawn, please listen to me.. I'm not some stupid teenager who doesn't know what she's talking about because I do. My friend Kristina killed herself 7 months ago at age 15 and I was 15 as well, now that I'm 16 and on medication for clinical depression from BS in my life, I too am suicidal but I fight it everyday because people like us shouldn't have to have the feeling that we have to get out this way. If you have AOL or AIM my sn is: so0o Jenn says. IM me sometime, just try it please you won't regret it. I promise...

Sparkling 07-08-06 06:41 PM

Response to Dawn and Jenn
Dawn, I hope that you are still there, and you are realizing all the people who are concerned with you. I think that is when we start to think like that, we think, who will notice I'm gone, or who will care? But this is a different place, and we all sort of check in with one another, and its become a great support system. Listen to what Jenn said-checking out would make you convenintly get out of the way. Dont' make it so easy. Make them have to deal with you on your terms. Talk about who has taken your power away, and we can help you get it back. We're not shrinks. We're people who decided to get strong instead of weak and we're here to help one another.
Jenn, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your 2 friends. Can you talk about what happened? Is that why you're on medication? Thanks for reaching out to Dawn and extending your e-mail. That was very kind. I hope that she e-mails you. If the probem is that many feel lonely, then when we extend our #'s thats like a lifeline. You are very sweet, being new yourself to jump in there and give a hand. Please let me know if there is anytihing that I can do for you.

theborder1 07-09-06 01:15 AM

DAWN...I'M HERE!!!!!
[a personal phone number was posted here and it was removed. Please do not post your phone number in public where it can be abused. We apologize for the inconvenience, but are concerned with everyone's safety and anonymity. Administrator]

Sparkling 07-10-06 12:54 AM

Has anyone connected to or heard from Dawn?
I just re-read the posting from Dawn, and I'm curious if any of you are in corespondence with her. I'm concerned about her, and was hoping that someone might let me know that tey're in touch. Thanks.

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