Still withdrawing from Effexor???
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Still withdrawing from Effexor???

This is a discussion on Still withdrawing from Effexor??? within the Prescription Medication forums, part of the Treatment category; It's been about six months (maybe longer) since my Dr took me off Effexor and put me back on Prozac. ...

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Default Still withdrawing from Effexor???

It's been about six months (maybe longer) since my Dr took me off Effexor and put me back on Prozac. I went through all the withdrawal stuff - brain zaps, dizziness. A biggie was diarrhea. I remember experiencing the diarrhea before I went off effexor if I just happened to miss a dose. The problem I'm having is that I still have the damn diarrhea, all these months later. My pdoc says it's probably anxiety - induced, but I have my doubts. I have literally been taking Imodium since i started withdrawing. I take an Imodium, the diarrhea gets better for a day or two, then it comes back and I have to take more Imodium. I don't want to go to the Dr with this because I will just leave with some other b.s. diagnosis like IBS or chrones(sp?) disease. Drs don't believe effexor withdrawal can last so long, so they won't even entertain the thought that this is what's causing it. I've read that withdrawal can last up to a year. Has anyone else had similar problems? Or should I just go to the doctor about it???
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I had really bad Effexor withdrawal as well. With brain zaps etc. Though luckily it didn't last that long.. only a couple of weeks.. It sounds a bit dangerous to have diarrhea for so long, though, so I think you should definitely talk to your doctor about it. Maybe you could go see another doctor instead? Whatever is the cause, it's important to find out, though.. It's not good for your body to go with diarrhea for so long.. Dehydration and stuff. And it could be caused by something else entirely.
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I'm still on Effexor, but have experienced the symptoms of withdrawal just from skipping/missing doses. The brain-zaps are the strangest to me by far, never had that before. Kind of scary when driving, I must say.

I've been on many AD's... Lexapro, Prozac, and Cymbalta among them but never had diarrhea as a side-effect from taking them or withdrawal... You might have something else going on like IBS or just extreme anxiety. Perhaps look into some anxiety meds, Klonopin or phenobarb might help. I don't think Imodium is meant for long-term use and could really mess up your digestive system. Also check your diet, if you're eating a healthy diet and getting at least moderate activity/exercise (or not)... those could def be factors too.
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Definitely d see a doctor about this! It is possible that it's just withdrawal, but if it's something else, you'd want to know. While IBS is indeed quite a nonsensical diangosis, Crohn's etc. is not and is in fact treatable. I'm not saying you have htat (I can't know) but in case something other than Effexor withdrawal is going on, you do want to get treatment.
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