Is this normal?
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Is this normal?

This is a discussion on Is this normal? within the Prescription Medication forums, part of the Treatment category; I was diagnosed with Migraines in 1999. I then had an at fault accident in 2000. My I jury was ...

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Default Is this normal?

I was diagnosed with Migraines in 1999. I then had an at fault accident in 2000. My I jury was to my left side. The same side I get my migraines typically. So I called up the pain to migraines. A year later we found I have grand occipital neuralgia, degenerative disks, and no curve in my neck at the base of my skull. So I now have constant pain and depression brought on by a multitude of issues a lot of it is pain.
In 2014 a driver decided to use the rear of my car for her takes. So more tests and fusion later I have tried to work and can't as the accident and surgery worsened the nerve damage. Anxiety and depression has set in big time.
Recently we changed from ,Cymbals 60mgs to Wellbutrin XR. Three days in I am dizzy, nauseated and have these pulsations in what feels like my brain, everytime I move or even blink.
Is this normal? I am waiting for doc office to call me back.
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Read this post so you can get the book that healed me...
I finished listening to "The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time" by Alex Korb. This should be mandatory reading to prevent this epidemic from growing... It was informative, the illness was correctly depicted, and I highly
recommend this book, as a survivor of MDD. I endured a severe battle for 14yrs, and taught myself neurology during those years, to figure out a cure. I could have just read This one book!!! But at least I can say I'm an expert on depression and the science behind it.
This book can change lives, and educate those who think depression isn't serious or real! I'd suggest people first read "The Noonday Demon", which paints a disturbingly accurate picture of what living with depression is really like. I want to speak out to the world, & give people the facts, on behalf of those who are still living in an unsupportive, dark, isolated, and shameful existence! Its just not right to let people suffer, if there is a solution! It's time for me to turn my negative experience into a positive one, with the purpose of saving lives that aren't being equally acknowledged.
I was very lucky to survive, but not all people get cared for. So if I don't use my education and experience to help others & spread awareness, then I'm not using the abilities God gave me, or the fire in my soul
that burns for societal recognition, in the severity and equality of this illness being just as important, as breast cancer or MS, etc... In fact, I'd call my movement "where are all the green ribbons?",... Nothing pisses me off more than seeing yellow and pink ribbon bumper stickers everywhere, but never once a green one! Meanwhile 1 in 3 people are being secretly tortured, because of the stigmas attached to them. Why is it so taboo? In public, we can't display a green bow, for our son who's in pain? Are we truly more embarrassed, than we are proud to be part of helping a loved one, smile once again? Join me..."where are all the green ribbons?" on facebook. Hope You are inspired to start up something for depression brought on via incidents. Get peers that truly get what you are going through! God bless
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