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Not sure where to put this...
Dear Take This Life,

I am sure a lot of you are on anti depressants, among what ever else medication, I am not going to tell you not to get off your medication more as second guess what you are putting in your body, as you know medication is man made chemicals, and psychology is the most limitedfield. There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance, there is no way for the Doctors to prove that there is. The brain is The brain is over 60% fat. I kind of don't even know where to start, there is such thing as depression obviously, most people don't know this but it's caused by a lack of Omega -3 in the brain, a lot of the B vitamins help fight depression as well, Fish Oil is very high in omega -3 so with the right set of vitamins you can cure your depression. Right now I am taking Fish Oil, and b12 also known as Methylcobalamin. Magnesium is also very good for your body, and helps against depression as well as many other things, Anger,Sleep problems,OCD, every disorder these help against, and are a lot better for your body. Your brain needs healthy minerals and omega-3 fats to be happy. Sleep problems, everyday at 9:00pm your brain releases, a sleep hormone called Melatonin. So in nature, without electricity people would fall asleep at that time, but now that we have all these devices that admit light, and the foods and, drinks that you eat corrupt this hormone. So when people are drugging there body with Caffeine and sugars, they have them selfs to blame. To add all the memories you have experienced during the day, is saved into long-term memory, so the longer you sleep in the worse your long-term memory is. Female nurses doing shift work have like 3 times more the risk of breast cancer, because they are awake, when their bodies should be killing cancer cells, your body releases chemicals to kill cancer and germs, when it is completely in the dark, which means no light. Light makes the body think it's daytime, so the more light the less it will release the chemicals to fight against germs. Light basically sets your body timetable, and it's like a remote control. People that experience more light then night, can cause a lot of stress on the body, in the past people used lamps at night, then they went to sleep, but now people work all day, and parting into the morning hours, then people wonder why they have heart attacks, to much light stresses the body, as does lack of light, which is called seasonal depression. Where the days get shorter, and the nights get longer, or in some places no light for weeks, It's because Vitamin D helps against depression so no light causes people to get severely depressed. Magnesium, or Epsom salt, which you can put into baths, and it sinks into the pores and it helps Vitamin D spread through your body, that drug does over 500 things for your body, so a lack of it can cause depression. Lets go back a little, to to much day and parting into the morning, statistics show that, most people have heart attacks on Mondays, because they party until Monday, which means lack of sleep, could be to much light or lack of light. So you wonder why peoples stress levels go up. Now to top this all off how doctors are just little zombies brainwashed people. Okay guys most doctors only preach drugs, People need to know how they body really works, they are hiding the knowledge from the people, doctors are like modern priests. Most people are scared of them. Like what they say people believe, because there the one who has a degree in it, hate to tell you this people degrees can't rule over self stupidity. Ancient doctors used herbs, counseling and food to heal people. Modern doctors use drugs and surgery most of which are unnecessary. Some surgery can save people's lives and some medicine like antibiotics are life-saving, but modern medicine is not an antidote for an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. In America, they were trying to pass some law making supplements expensive so no-one can afford them. You would have to see a doctor to obtain them. If this law comes into place, you can't buy supplements cheap anymore, only the rich could be able to afford them. Because our body needs nutrients to work properly,nutrients are like employees that our bodies need to run the body system.When some employees are missing the body will get sick. Funny how when animals get sick, the animal doctor always look at what the animal ate, but when humans get sick, they rarely look at the diet. Because most medical schools are funded by drug companies, that's why doctors proscribe drugs rather then Vitamins and minerals. The drug company rules mostly what is taught in medical school, and brain washes the students thinking drugs are the answer for everything, it sickens me, that the people are suppose to help are not really there for you. So drug companies are the legal drug pimps, they invite doctors to meetings and send them gifts and brainwash doctors to believe that their drug works. Which it does, but not without great side effects, which all of them have, Columbine, think past the school abuse the kids had, they were put on anti depressants, and what do they go and do, kill everyone in there school, it because it mixes up signals that need to be sent, it can cause extreme anger even worse of a depression. So who is to blame, basically the Doctors but even more so, Drug company's. and that they should get people on these drugs as much as possible. We live by a world ruled by evil multinational companies. Big companies dictate governments what to do. The media is simply brainwashing people. There is no such thing as chemical imbalance. If you want to read a book, there is one called Toxic Psychiatrist, by a doctor who believes that drugs are evil. It's called Toxic Psychiatry. A new mother who didn't have depression, was given antidepressants by a doctor, because she complained her child wasn't sleeping well. After a short time, she began to cut herself, because the medications made her crazy.They keep on giving her new medications, and it made her worse. Eventually she was locked up. By chance she looked up the Net and found other people had suffered side-effects from drugs. She worked out the medications were making her crazy. She secretly reduced her medications and she went back to normal. and the doctor was surprised how she did it. He thought he put her on a special combination of medications. She wrote her experiences in a book called Dying for a Cure. Recently a news reader just committed suicide after a doctor had changed her medication. The drugs made this news reader kill herself, because she was never a loner. She was very social. This was in Australia. In the US there are now black-box warnings for potential suicide risk from antidepressants. Don't you see what is going on here? You are being ruled by greed, and experimentation, and we are the stupid people in there experiments. They keep telling the media that antidepressants are safe and claim that only 2% of people will have side-effects. This is all lies. Even if not would you be part of that 2%? SICK SICK SICK! Australia has no warnings on drugs because most medical schools are funded by drug companies. It's time for you guys to start seeking different help, the vitamins are helping me it's amazing. I just want to show you those are the people that want to help you, brain washed people, who know real knowledge, yet can't really help you, because there taught to give drugs, not the right nutation, which can really cure you. You now know you are in this corrupt world, which people die for, Greed, Lust, Stupidity rules this world. FUCK THEM! They preach there propaganda, but what I speak is truth, I am the echo that you hear in the dark! I will not be consumed by them. I am a individual, not a sheep. The media is EVIL! Humanity is evil! See the lies? There feeding you them like babies, stupid innocent babies, that will feed of them because they know no better, I really can't tell who is more stupid at this point, it's dragging me into the bottom of the ocean, where I will drown, if I don't break free, and it's the same with you all! "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" Media can only be described as Satin behind a mask that is accepted. As far as right, and wrong, they know the difference. Always a spectacle, it's a public show, to make everything so appealing. So the people nurture it, as it hopes for extension, as some hope for extinction.It's not indefinite, it's got a lifespan. They are just expressions, used for their propaganda enslavement. Expressions are revealing just where you would rather be, A stereotype to keep you chained. Subliminal messages sent into your brain everyday, To plague you with what is good, and what is bad, what is accepted, and what is not. They twist, they lie, they manipulate to get the reaction they want out of you blind people. Yes I say you blind people, because you can't see what I see, you can't feel what I feel.
It a cancer spreading into your soul, and soon you are going to be dead. Decaying you from the inside out, crippling what really is good, and what is bad.Twisting a set morals, and a code of conduct. This is a world there is no cure for. This is a world made up upon greed. This is a world that I am not meant for. This breathe is wasted on suffering. This breathe is wasted on you. So hang me out to dry, I am sick with a sense of knowing, whats gone wrong, yet I'm still running. I am like a soldier on a mission, as these foundations are pulled out from under me, as these fundamentals of a good life, are taken away from me. So if theres a God, or is there just emptiness like me, as I face this world, in a war I am struggling in. I'm choking on these words you corrupt the people with.
"As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice".Your ideal theories, of Sex, Lust, Violence, Greed, you're corruption, Who twist Golden rules, no mercy or salvation,curse what ever tongue you speak in, for when you open your mouth, you open hell. infinite, number of times you open hell,
and leave us to sit in your filth and, stench, not the purest water will make my skin come clean. I can smell it where ever I go, I can smell it in my sheets, I can taste it in this blood,I can feel it with this knife, that I trace into my wrist, bleeding away your disease, that plagues me, you're a virus with no cure for, for you crucified everything that is pure.You're toxic, you're a poison polluting this earth, with your wicked intent. You''re everything that I am not, for I am good, I am a fighter, I am a sufferer. I'm sick of this darkness, but I fear that morning is coming no time soon. You're the shadow in this light, Your a nightmare in my head every night. You're Despised!

Sorry Not targeting anyone here ^_^
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I am glad those vitamins are working for you. But people respond differently to different ways of healing the mind.
I have tried everything. Nothing works. I agree that doctors are evil . because MINE sure is. she won't even give me
any help . But I am glad the vitamins are working for you that is great.
Thanks for the information. I am sure some of us will
try it. I just want to get away from doctors. I think they
are called Dr DOLITTLE> !!... my new name for mine.
Imagine if we could be healed by baths and oils and vitamins.
be wonderful and not have to go to any freakin doctor.
I don't even think they believe in depression ! . or anxiety the probably laugh and say "Its all in their head. "
I wish it was that easy to eradicate this disease . I know one way that will help .
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HEYA stranger,
you are speaking a lot of serious truth there about the vitamins and all that, sleep and yes all of that stuff is true. i am totally right there with you and i am glad you are spreading your message to the world b/c it NEEDS TO BE HEARD. people who take boatloads of medications for various physical and psychological ailments whilst simultaneously poisoning themselves with refined carbohydrates, dyes, pesticides, radiation, etc. are not really making much progress when it comes to healing, are they? the information is just not readily accessible. even doctors are sometimes unaware.
yes there is some "evil" stuff going on in this world. i think what we can do is focus on healing and loving, focus on the other side of things: the "good" side, the best we can. if some people are spreading hate and fear, then we can counterbalance this by doing our best to spread love and compassion.
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