chlozopine friend antipsychotics
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chlozopine friend antipsychotics

This is a discussion on chlozopine friend antipsychotics within the Prescription Medication forums, part of the Treatment category; Anyone on here on chlozopine? It has the biggest success rate of any other antipsychotic. I was tried on it ...

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Default chlozopine friend antipsychotics

Anyone on here on chlozopine?

It has the biggest success rate of any other antipsychotic.

I was tried on it but it did not agree with me. It was like having an allergy to penicillin for example. I was in the heart ward on a drip really Ill from it.

I met a girl who became a friend in hospital. She hasn't found a medication that works. Now they want to try chlozopine. I told her my story and I think it contributed in her aversion to it. Trouble is I think she she should try despite the dangers. You have to have a blood test EVERY week for six months to a year.

Its the difference between living and dying. That's the way I see it. Between existing and suffering to feeling normal fit happy and doing what other active members of society do. Who cares if you need medication to do so. Diabetics need insulin. Manic depressives and schizophrenics need brain meds.

Her mum tries to get her to cut her tablets. Where most professionals would say even if you are doing well NEVER stop with medication in terms of antipsychotic. Her mum is wrong. I believe the only reason why people on these drugs die sooner is because of drink drugs and bad diet and not enough help and support.
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Hey drizzle i was once on chlozopine 150mg three times a day and i would say its success rate rate relies entirely on how doped up it makes you it literally turned me into a babbling dribbling zombie while at the same time puting me in a lucid druged state witch left me constantly feeling like i was comeing down of a much harder drug i would not feel comfortable takeing it again id say putting her of it may be a good thing but the may use a much smaller dose with her i dont know but id say that if i was given a choice between that amount again or being sectiond id rather be sectiond
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