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ADHD and Medication

This is a discussion on ADHD and Medication within the Prescription Medication forums, part of the Treatment category; Who here suffers from ADHD and takes medication? My current boyfriend suffers from ADHD and takes medication more than he ...

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Who here suffers from ADHD and takes medication? My current boyfriend suffers from ADHD and takes medication more than he should. And I am worried about him. Aren't you suppose to take medication only when it says? Like you know if says 2 a day thats it, not 4 a day or more?

What are the symptoms etc.
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I know someone with ADHD. I think it's very different from person to person, but some general symptoms are that you have a really hard time structuring things, remembering things, that you get really easily distracted and forgets where you put things. It might also be hard to focus on conversations, because you jump to something else in your head easily. I think it's also hard to find motivation to do stuff. You can probably find some information about it if you search online.

About the dosage, he needs to talk to his doctor about that. It is different from person to person how much and when you should take the medication. It also differs from medication to medication. You are generally supposed to take it when it says on the package, yes, unless your doctor has told you otherwise. So if he's not doing what the doctor said, you should probably try to talk to him about it. I think it's important to take those meds when they're supposed to be taken.

He's lucky to have someone in his life that cares about him and that tries to learn more about it.

Maybe you could go with him to the doctor one time, so that you could ask him/her your questions about ADHD? Or you could talk to your doctor about it?
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Yeah I see what you mean now.
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Symptoms vary, as does medication. There are 3 main different kinds of ADHD - a "I can't concentrate" - easily distracted kind, a "I can't sit still" - always moving kind, and a both symptoms at once - mixed ADHD type. Symptoms are often expressed differently in males and females as well - because what's socially acceptable for men isn't for women and vice-versa.


One main characteristic that I've seen with most adults that I know with ADHD is that they put things off - procrastinate. They don't mean to, they just get easily overhwelmed. They also have a difficult time following a plan and tend to do things at the last moment. Prioritising activities - what they should be doing vs. what they are doing can be difficult and time may fly by without them realizing how much time has actually passed. Therefore they may be late a lot, and be rather disorganized and forget or lose things. They often can have trouble with paying bills and such. They often have a good deal of energy (some types anyway) as well. (I never stop fidgeting and am very easily distracted)

Some have a flexible approach to medication, but all medication-related adjustments should be done under the supervision of, or with the agreement of a physician.

Some people choose to take ADHD medication (Ritalin, for ex.) only on weekdays (for work/school) or as needed, others take it every day.
Some have experienced that their medicine wears off within 5 to 8 hours, so they may take another pill at that point, or may take a smaller pill in between to adjust their medicine level in their system.
For example, I take "extended release" Ritalin capsules. This means that I take it at 9:00 a.m. and then perhaps again at 1 or 2:00. Though sometimes if I get up later, I may take both doses a bit later than usual, with the knowledge that I shouldn't take it later than 4 or 5:00 if I plan on sleeping at a reasonable hour.

But there are other options. I could take smaller dose capsules (I have those too) 3 times per day - so the daily dose is the same - but I'm not good at remembering, which is why I have the 2x per day agreement with my doc.
Other people take tablets that release the medicine immediately (usually smaller tablets) but the effects of those tablets don't last as long. They might take one type in the morning and another in the afternoon to target when they really need help with concentration/attention.
However, the whole point here is that ADHD meds (all meds, really) always need to be taken in correspondence with a treatment plan/agreement with a doctor on how the meds will be taken.

Ritalin, Concerta and most other ADHD medicines are stimulants. Too much can be dangerous - think about how your heart beats if you have too much coffee.
It is therefore very important that the patient has his blood pressure and medicine levels (blood tests) checked regularly by a doctor, to make sure that side effects aren't causing problems.

I hope that helps!
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What types of medication is there to take, as far as names?
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My journey into prescribed meds begun with ADD (not the hyperactivity) ritalin. More than a decade.

Serious advice: recreational use of methylphenidate can be worse than cocaine abuse. It can destroy an entire life like it did to me.

Pay attention on his eyes, if pupils are dilated. You will know if he's abused by pupils, increased talktiveness (or absolutely lack of communication) bad mood and etc

It can change libido, habits, social life, pleasure in doing things etc etc

I would go to a doctor and see if there are any meds WHICH CAUSE LESS HARM AND CAN'T BE ABUSED

If you search on the internet youll see how ritalin will destroy the lives of the unaware. Be REALLY cautious.

I lost everything. I never thought id be another one of those people saying "dude i lost everything because of the CHOICES i made. Specially THE ONES UNDER RITALIN INFLUENCE
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Oh I see.
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