Stress!or am i getting sickfor real? O_o
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Stress!or am i getting sickfor real? O_o

This is a discussion on Stress!or am i getting sickfor real? O_o within the Physical Health forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Well. lately, i have had SO MANY physical problems compared to what it used to be like! I do not ...

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Default Stress!or am i getting sickfor real? O_o

Well. lately, i have had SO MANY physical problems compared to what it used to be like!
I do not have epilepsy (have even done an EEG or what they're called, but that was before this started, for some other unknown reason, i just had a confused psych doc atm) BUT i get like.. i don't know what to call them really, but like spasms or something.. And it started off very lightly, like i was eating a sandwich but then my fingers would just like seize and i would drop the sandwich. this kinda surprised me, but i thought it wasn't anything to care about so every time something like that happend i just thought something like "uhu, now i'll have to make a new sandwich"..
But the other day something scary happend in school. i was walkin down the stairs when my legs just idk collapsed or something, and i fell and hurt my hip and my back.. nothing serious really, but it scared me even if the pain disapeared after some hours.. now i'm a bit worried about that happening again, so i try and be careful and make sure there's always something to grab if i fall again..

Then i also have some other problems. for some yet so far unknown reason i get really dizzy, so i cannot walk and my vision gets all blurry and sounds around me kinda fade away suddenly. usually this isn't so bad, i've learned to walk forward even if my eyes are telling me i am not walking in the right direction, and i know when it's too much and i need to lie down.
but sometimes, it can be really embarrassing and irritating, becuz sometimes i just can't stand up anymore and i can't see anything (it gets like black with whitish shining spots infront of my eyes) so i lie down right away or sit down and rest my head on the table or floor.. and this must look VERY funny as it happens a little everywhere, happily enough it hasn't happend when i've been in the city yet, jsut at home or in school, but still :(
And every other day i have a fever, horrible headaches, and occationally also hallucinations (i've had a psychosis some months ago so could have somthing to do with that but this is different) and i can't breathe properly without even being sick.

yeah and i could go on forever but this really is enough whining for one day. i just don't know, am i getting sick in some twisted slow way or is this just stress? bc i really am soooo very stressed out every fucking day but it is nothing i can change i need to do better in school and with everything else and yeh... idk. sometimes i'm worried. but i try not to care, today i decided to treat myself with some valium bc i've been working hard this week and there's been almost no selfharming or nervous breakdowns so i am kinda proud of myself. but this is really tiring :( if anyone has any idea of what this is or whats causing it please tell me or what i can do to make it go away?
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Acute withdrawal symptoms. The most prominent effect of benzodiazepines is an anti-anxiety effect - that is why they were developed as tranquillisers. As a consequence, nearly all the acute symptoms of withdrawal are those of anxiety. They have been described in anxiety states in people who have never touched a benzodiazepine and were recognised as psychological and physical symptoms of anxiety long before benzodiazepines were discovered. However, certain symptom clusters are particularly characteristic of benzodiazepine withdrawal. These include hypersensitivity to sensory stimuli (sound, light, touch, taste and smell) and perceptual distortions (for example sensation of the floor undulating, feeling of motion, impressions of walls or floors tilting, sensation of walking on cotton wool). There also appears to be a higher incidence than usually seen in anxiety states of depersonalisation, feelings of unreality, and tingling and numbness. Visual hallucinations, distortion of the body image ("my head feels like a football/balloon"), feelings of insects crawling on the skin, muscle twitching and weight loss are not uncommon in benzodiazepine withdrawal but unusual in anxiety states.
Table 1 gives a list of symptoms which were spontaneously described by patients in my withdrawal clinic. It is clearly a long list and is probably not inclusive. Of course, not all patients get all the symptoms, and none of the symptoms are inevitable. Withdrawal often seems to seek out the individual's most vulnerable points: if he is prone to headaches, worse headaches may feature in withdrawal; if he is prone to "irritable bowel", digestive symptoms may be aggravated. Such symptoms are nearly always temporary and can be minimised. They are less frightening and seem less important or bizarre if their cause is understood. Furthermore, patients can learn techniques to alleviate or control many of the symptoms: there is a lot they can do to help themselves.
Excitability (jumpiness, restlessness)
Insomnia, nightmares, other sleep disturbances
Increased anxiety, panic attacks
Agoraphobia, social phobia
Perceptual distortions
Depersonalisation, derealisation
Hallucinations, misperceptions
Paranoid thoughts
Rage, aggression, irritability
Poor memory and concentration
Intrusive memories
Craving (rare)
Pain/stiffness - (limbs, back, neck, teeth, jaw)
Tingling, numbness, altered sensation - (limbs, face, trunk)
Weakness ("jelly-legs")
Fatigue, influenza-like symptoms
Muscle twitches, jerks, tics, "electric shocks"
Dizziness, light-headedness, poor balance
Blurred/double vision, sore or dry eyes
Hypersensitivity - (light, sound, touch, taste, smell)
Gastrointestinal symptoms - (nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea,
constipation, pain, distension, difficulty swallowing)
Appetite/weight change
Dry mouth, metallic taste, unusual smell
Urinary difficulties/menstrual difficulties
Skin rashes, itching
Fits (rare)
These symptoms have all been described by patients withdrawing from benzodiazepines; they are not arranged in any particular order, and few if any are specific to benzodiazepine withdrawal. The list is probably not inclusive. Different individuals experience different combinations of symptoms. Do not expect to get all these symptoms!

This is an excerpt from the University of Newcastle. I don't know if it will help. you should see your doctor.

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aha thanks i didnt even think of that-... well its weird bc im still taking my valium sometimes.. O_o well idk. i talked to a doc about it yesterday, these symptones, and she just thought i was too stressed and told my mom to buy me some medications... :/
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