Stomach Growling - Please Help
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Stomach Growling - Please Help

This is a discussion on Stomach Growling - Please Help within the Physical Health forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; This has been going on for around 4 years now. This may not seem like a big deal, but it ...

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Unhappy Stomach Growling - Please Help

This has been going on for around 4 years now. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is for me. My stomach is constantly growling. No, this is not due to me being hungry. It gets really bad when I'm in quiet places, but it's just as bad when I'm laying in bed at night.

I have tried taking anti-acid pills, but they don't really do any good. I've been trying to cut back on eating junk food, it's just impossible. I am always craving chocolate.*I don't think this has anything to do with it because I have always been like that before this even started.

This really gets in the way of my social life. I get super nervous when I'm around people because I can't feel the "growls" coming on. They just happen, especially during tests or even while I'm on a date! So embarrassing..

Anyone else have this problem?

P.s. I'm always getting told that this is "normal" and everyone's stomach growls. I understand a little growling but not as much as mine (plus it's LOUD!)
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Divine, I have absolutely no knowledge to help you for sure with quieting your growling stomach. Here are some thoughts, though:

What I know is that growling in the 'stomach' is often the sound of gas moving about in the intestines. If you feel you are particularly gassy it can come from a reaction to something you are eating. You might try limiting your dairy, foods containing wheat gluten, or possibly tomatoes (sauce, etc) intake if you think any of those things is giving you extra gas. It can also come from artificial sweeteners in your food (sucralose, asparatame, saccharin, neotane, acesulfame potassium, sorbitol, xylitol), or some other artificial ingredients like flavor enhancers.

Something else, when I am particularly nervous I sometimes salivate a lot, so I swallow a lot which causes me to swallow a lot of air. This makes me feel bloated in the stomach and to have burps or other growely noises. I went through a period where I just salivated a lot for no reason I could ever understand. I had the same problem with lots of air then. After a while it went away, no known cause or repeat of it yet.

Those are the best ideas I have at this point.

Have you talked with a doctor about it?
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Hey Divine, I agree with hottea, food is most probably a factor. If you haven't already, try to go and see a doctor about this. Good luck!
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