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Splitting lip

This is a discussion on Splitting lip within the Physical Health forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Dearest Mouse .... please see a doc regarding your poor lip .... our Mouse needs his smile and and really ...

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Dearest Mouse .... please see a doc regarding your poor lip .... our Mouse needs his smile and and really needs to make raspberries for his beautiful little daughter (: !!!!!!!

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((MOUSE))))))))))))) )))))))))


ps .... could it be a cold sore which won't go away? if so your doc could prescribe some Zovirax ....

if it is a bacterial infection he could prescribe some antibiotic cream ......

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I done some research on it, but cant find anything similar. I did find out that the centre line of out body's are the weakest points coz we grow centre outward.

I went to the doc and he said it could be a vitamin deficiency... So I got a blood test this week.

I did try and stitch it but I flaked out... I've stitch other wounds up but the lip seems to be very sensitive, so I pussyed out after a few attempts

I'll take a photo of it and up load it here
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Default My Solution

I know how frustrating this split lip thing can be... I've had it for many years and decided
to join in order to offer a solution I discovered recently. Here's what I did and believe it or not it works incredibly well (for me), almost immediately. I took a medium size band-aid and cut a small piece off the end and then pursed my lip (lower) and applied the band-aid. It doesn't have to be a big piece, just big enough to cover (across) the area that's splitting. I don't know why it works, but it definitely cured the problem. I'm so thrilled to not have this problem anymore and
I suspect it will work for you as well. Try leaving it on at night when you sleep and take it off before brushing teeth or eating (what I did) or do whatever seems to work. Replacing them with new pieces of band-aid as needed. I believe the problem will go away within 2 days or so, maybe sooner. Once the lip heals, just leave it on occasionally to maintain a healthier lip.

Good Luck to You.
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Default that happened to me before

i was asleep and i yawned when I woke up and blood started pouring down my chin all over my nightgown. I looked like a vampire. it was scary and it kept happening. i was on lamictal back then, that had me having some bleeding problems for some reason. and i changed meds it went away. now because winter and sometimes i nibble at my lip when i get too hyper, it cracks but it doesn't gush blood. the thing that heals it the fastest is neosporin or bacitracin. it tastes like crap is you lick it, but it heals the cracks very fast! only have to use it for a day and then my lips are just fine.
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Default Lip splitting

I have the same problem as a kid. Used to only be in the winter. Now its when ever. Every time I use carmax etc it makes my lip break out woraworse and doctor always says its herpes 3 weeks later.. First it splits. I use antibiotics as that's only way to get it to heal. If I don't within 2weeksmy lip swellsup and get a hardbump in the center of my lip at the bottom side. Or my lip cracks then I get a bump and hospitals saying it's herpes. Which it's not. How do I stop this
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