My niece-she's only 11
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My niece-she's only 11

This is a discussion on My niece-she's only 11 within the Physical Health forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; My poor Ally. She was just diagnosed with a form of Epilepsy. There are a few different kinds. She has ...

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Default My niece-she's only 11

My poor Ally. She was just diagnosed with a form of Epilepsy. There are a few different kinds. She has the Generalized kind, I guess that's the more severe type. There are 6 types that fall underneath that, and she has one called Absence Seizures.

"These seizures are characterized by staring and subtle body movement, and can cause a brief loss of awareness."

That's how she's been for several years now. They're going to start her on Lamictal.

My sister is so upset with herself, always told Ally she's a drama queen. But Ally's thrilled. Now she has a name for what she's been going through!

So far this school year, her grades are F's. And not just a F like a few more points she'd have a D. Her scores are in the 30's. And the teachers weren't at all concerned, never sent any notes home or anything.

Anyway, I'm trying to comfort my sister. We don't always get along anymore, but I've felt this close connection with Ally since she was born. It's hard for me not to cry about all this.
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It's sad that a child so young has been diagnosed with something that will arguably affect her life to some degree or another, hopefully to a lesser degree. However, it's good that she has a diagnosis because the problem existed regardless. She needed both recognition and support and now she can finally get those things.

Your sister shouldn't feel bad for making fairly natural assumptions. Your sister is human, as are we all. I'm sure that she didn't have any bad intention, I'm sure that she loves her child dearly and her reaction to this news only highlights that fact. She needs to forgive herself.

A friend of mine was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy this year too. She is in her mid 20's so a fair bit older, and she was diagnosed with occipital lobe epilepsy. All of her symptoms are in her eyes, she will get floaters and can get temporary blindness in one eye during her seizures. It was pretty daunting, especially since she is very med sensitive and can't take much of anything without getting sick. However, she was very soon back to her usual stubborn and endlessly positive self, lol! I think your niece will be much the same once she understands her condition. Children can be utterly irrepressible at times :)

It's natural that you feel upset by this but only time will tell how this pans out and it will most likely be a lot less traumatic and disruptive than you might imagine :)
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Oh Mousey that's awful. poor girl :-(
I can't believe the teachers didn't say anything or realise!!!

Still, at least now she's getting help. Hopefully things will improve from here

((((big hugs))))
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