I may have a penis disease
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I may have a penis disease

This is a discussion on I may have a penis disease within the Physical Health forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; I just found out I may have a disease on my penis... and the sad thing is, I've never even ...

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Exclamation I may have a penis disease

I just found out I may have a disease on my penis... and the sad thing is, I've never even had sex. So many people have sex without getting an STD and I have one? I knew I was cursed. It's not an STD though, scientists don't know the cause of it. But I've read that it can lead to penis cancer, or I may have to get part of my penis amputated. I don't know for sure if it's diseased though, maybe just at the early stages.

It would be daunting to see a doctor. Walking down the hall, seeing posters about STD prevention and condoms and smiling people who have sex and girlfriends and are loved every moment of their lives. Then pulling down my pants for a urologist, confessing that I'm a virgin. And then life afterwards, seeing sex mentioned everywhere with my penis cut off. OK it'll probably not be that bad, I'm not sure it really is the disease, but I mean, fuck it. If I meant to commit suicide anyway, what's the point of going to the doctor? I also have a patch of skin on my stomach that's slowly growing. Idk if it's skin cancer or only a normal discoloured piece of skin, but if's cancer should I not let it consume my body? After all most people think I AM a cancer to society. That I deserve to commit suicide. So if I have it, I could literally call myself a cancer lol. In some ways I wish I have it. I'm almost happy at the thought. In some ways selfishly, because I can make "excuses" for myself.

Anyway I'm just going to let my penis develop by itself. If it's going to make me a virgin for life, I may as well let it be. I'm already meant to be a virgin for life in just about every other way imaginable.
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I'm sorry Cactus! Hopefully this problem was caught early enough to help you out. Here's hoping.
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I'm not clear as to whether you have seen a doctor yet or not? If not then you really need to. There are many symptoms that are common with many different issues and you can't be sure what you may or may not have, beyond reasonable doubt, until you are checked out by a medical professional.

I know that it's an issue of some embarrassment, to go and speak to a doctor about intimate areas, but it needs to be done and it's something that doctors are more than used to dealing with. Get yourself an appointment and get checked out, you may well be worrying over things far more serious than you actually have.

This is assuming that you haven't already been diagnosed of course, I'm not fully clear on that as I said.
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Dude, relax. I had a similar problem recently. I haven't had any sex either, and got a rash about a year ago (probably because of heavy masturbation) , thought it would go away, but it didn't. Just a few weeks ago I finally realized it could be serious and decided to check with the doc. I went there, pulled down my pants the dermatologist was a woman and even though I was embarassed because the thing had shrinked substantially because of all the worries, but I didn't say anything and she gave me a list of the meds to cure it. There's nothing embarassing in being a virgin. They dont' really care about that dealing with hundreds of various cases ..However, when I came home I thought I'd found something else and got all obsessed and worried again. I was freaking out so much that I went to my sister to borrow money and made an oppointment with the urologist this time, as my imaginary problem was inside the opening.. Anyways, I came there, all freaked out and he looked and turns out -false alarm, he didn't see anything wrong and suggested to buy a soap lol, like I didn't know already.. I spent 20 dollars just to hear that... So, my point is -we tend to exaggerate the problem by looking at pictures on the net and self-diagnosing. I read somewhere that only 15 % or less diagnose themselves correct using internet. Basically most of the time, we freak out over nothing serious..

So my advice is -calm down and make an oppointment.
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Sounds like eczema. You should go see the Doc. It's so common and a pretty simple fix.
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Cactus you are NOT a cancer! Who are these people calling you a cancer? I will punch them out because they don't know what they are talking about!

Like Bexter said it could be eczema. It's fairly common this time of year, especially if you love taking HOT showers!

You should go to see the doc. You don't have an STD if you haven't had sex. You can't "catch" them unless you have sex with them.

Just calm down and call your doctor and set up an appointment for a dermatologist if you can (they specialize in skin).
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