Constant Headache :(
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Constant Headache :(

This is a discussion on Constant Headache :( within the Physical Health forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Being having these horrible, constant headaches. Its mostly at the back of my head, but sometimes spread all round. I've ...

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Default Constant Headache :(

Being having these horrible, constant headaches. Its mostly at the back of my head, but sometimes spread all round.

I've complained to the doc, I don't know how many times about these. For as long as I can remember I've always suffered from headaches. Painkillers, sometimes, make it worst, so I don't really like taking them.

Funny thing is, I didn't really suffer from them when I was taking my Anti D. ( My Anti D, is sometimes used as a pain killer in some people too, so maybe thats why? )

I thought maybe that it was cos I'm off my Anti D now a while now that it could be reason. I'm having trouble sleeping since I got off them.

I'm going the doctors later on today, so maybe I get it sorted then.
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I just wanted to let you know, that I had a migrane one time I went to an accupuncturist and she cleared it. I had this migrane for about 24 hours. Just wanted to add this as an option incase the doctor can't help you out.

Let us know how the doctor's visit goes!
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What do you eat on a daily basis?

After eliminating processed foods from my diet, I no longer get headaches.
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COuld it be stress? It sounds like a muscular type headache; lack of sleep can bring them on.

My headaches always get worse with lack of sleep and anxiety. Maybe that's why your AD helps?

Hope things improve.
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I suffer from headaches constantly too. Mine feel much the way you've described. It hurts more in the back of my head and feels like it comes from stress, tension, pain in my neck and shoulders. Maybe yours is due to stress and also not sleeping. I know that can add to mine as well. On the rare occasions that I've taken pain pills while I had a headache, I've found that they do make mine worse to some degree. I remember reading that headaches are sometimes a side effect of pain pills (I'm talking narcotics). I hope your doctors visit goes well and that it will help you.
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I get them too. The more stress, the more headaches. I have taken Excedrin for them over the years and that has been successful. Still, I get them a LOT, and sometimes feel so defeated about the process of 'wellness' in my life as I manage them. Tonight is no exception. Aaarrrg!!
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Yeah I get stress headaches all the time...sometimes I have them 24/7 for weeks and pills dont seem to help. I've never had a migraine though.

I hope that you can sort it out...doing things that make you feel good like exercising and whatnot can help sometimes.
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