I cant stop lying and stealing
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I cant stop lying and stealing

This is a discussion on I cant stop lying and stealing within the Personality Disorders forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Hi I'm 20 years old. Ive recently left my job after getting back with my boyfriend again I started lying ...

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Exclamation I cant stop lying and stealing

Hi I'm 20 years old. Ive recently left my job after getting back with my boyfriend again

I started lying when I was very young, whether it be to get out of trouble or make myself look better and now I do it all the time it may be about the smallest things or the biggest things and I keep getting caught out and nobody can trust me. I fell out with my best friend over it and my sisters. I keep wearing my sisters clothes and lying about it and they hate me. I take no responsibility for anything whatsoever and probably sound like a spoilt brat. I massively lack self confidence however im told all the time that I am beautiful but I hate myself. I've never felt good enough ever which is why I think I started lying but now I cant stop and its ruining all my relationships and makes me feel like such a bad person so I cant understand why I don't stop! it makes me look stupid and I know im not!

The worse thing is the stealing though like I said before I take my sisters clothes and bareface lie to her when shes going mad asking where they are. As a kid started taking a few pounds here and there from my own mothers purse and as I grew up I never stopped now I take from her more and shes done everything for me I can see now that its breaking her heart. I do know right from wrong so why am I making the wrong decisions constantly? I don't want to be like this I want to have a normal life where I have a relationship with my family and friends without having to always be anxious and feel bad. How do I turn it around ? I feel like ive burned too many bridges and been forgiven too many times now no one wants to know me or believe me. Its my 21st next week and I know that no one will be there and I understand why I just wish that one day I can be okay with everyone and lead a normal life otherwise theres no point in living.

I'm scared my boyfriend will find out the person I am and then hate me too, hes the only bit of happiness I have at the moment and weve been through so much over the past few years. Im scared my family will never forgive me and I will carry on stealing and lying to everyone I just want to stop and be a good person but I don't know how!? ive said before that I will stop and It just doesn't happen im making everyone miserable around me I need to stop!
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Once you get caught up in lies, its hard to get out. Its addictive. Its like creating alternative version of yourself that will suit everyone. At least thats what people think when they lie.

But stopping lying is always possible! You just have to keep reminding yourself who you are and what do you want your life to be. Every time you feel like lying or steeling, repeat in your head that that is not who you are! YOu are better then that! Repeat in your head names of every person whose trust you damaged with lying or steeling, and think about how nice would be if they believed you again, how it would be nice to talk to them without being afraid to be caught up in a lie.

YOu can stop it. You can rebuild some of the brides you burnt down and fix ones that are damaged. I am 100% sure of that.

Best wishes~
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