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Borderline Personality Disorder

This is a discussion on Borderline Personality Disorder within the Personality Disorders forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; I have been living with BPD for over five years now. I was diagnosed with it at 16, usually they ...

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I have been living with BPD for over five years now. I was diagnosed with it at 16, usually they will not do it but my symptoms were so indicative of the disorder that I pretty much showed every prerequisite needed for the diagnosis.

It isn't a bullshit diagnosis, but you have to have very, very prominent and specific symtoms. It also is one of those disorders that usually comes with a co-diagnosis. Few of us who have BPD have it and nothing else. Also, don't really pay attention to what the media says about BPD, it has been over dramatized and stereotyped. IMO, Girl Interrupted was a big bunch of shit, the character who was supposed to have BPD didn't really act like she did at all.

Main things with BPD: You will have abandonment problems. This is the number one thing and if you don't have it, it is very, very, very unlikely that you are BPD. And it's not a mild thing either. You really, really can't be alone. You will manipulate the people around you to make sure that you don't end up all by yourself, that you don't have someone around to love you or pay attention to you. Borderlines are pros at manipulation, too. This is where Borderlines get a bad rap from, because it sounds like they would be sociopathic with this kind of behavior but the difference between a sociopath and a borderline is that a borderline is capable of feeling regret and guilt and shame and often does, in large amounts. The other major characteristic of Borderline is a prominence to commit suicide. The suicide rate for Borderlines is something outrageously high, like 50%. Borderlines are the most likely to commit suicide, even more than say someone who is depressed or someone who has bipolar. It is real scary, and if you don't have an attempt or two under your belt they usually won't give you the diagnosis.

Other common traits with borderlines include extremely rocky interpersonal relationships, a fondness towards risky sex or spending, an unstable self identity, unstable mood, emptiness, trouble controlling one's temper and paranoid ideation and extreme dissociation symptoms.

It you do have BPD ozzycat, I would highly, HIGHLY recommend you find a DBT class somewhere near you and enroll immediately. That class was the only thing that helped me and I feel it is the most-successful treatment to the disorder. Although, I hope you don't have it because it is a horrible disorder... a common way people with borderline describe themselves is by saying that "they were born without emotional skin." It's horrible. Good luck to you, ozzy.
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I heard from 'Plex that DBT was good. I have Borderline Personality Disorder too. It kinda sucks. I don't know about anyone else who has it, but I always tend to let people walk all over me. Then there's over-spending - About 15K in debt now (Thanks L_P), The constantly driving like a maniac, The lack of self opion and the days of dissociation.

Yeah...I think i'm going to eat my weight cheese now.


((((((((((HUGS for Ozzy))))))))))
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