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This is a discussion on AvPD? within the Personality Disorders forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; So I've suspected for a while that I could be suffering from Avoidant personality disorder. I've read many articles on ...

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Default AvPD?

So I've suspected for a while that I could be suffering from Avoidant personality disorder. I've read many articles on it and I feel like I have almost all the symptoms of AvPD.

I finally plucked up the courage to see the school counselor to get some help after a few years of struggling since I'm graduating in a month's time and I didn't want to waste the free counselling services (yeah that was what gave me courage to haul my ass there in the end).

In the first session I mentioned AvPD to the counselor and told her that I had close to all the symptoms of it. She then proceeded to ask me some questions, to which I answered to the best of my ability. She then told me that, since I don't have serious anxiety when I meet strangers that I don't care for and that I don't feel overly anxious in a crowded place full of strangers, (but I do get pretty bad anxiety when I have to meet people outside of my immediate family, and I've actually cancelled meetups with my friend(s) a couple of times at the last minute with some half-assed excuse due to my anxiety and she obviously wasnt happy), she thinks that I don't have avpd?

I mean, just because I don't have anxiety in literally every social setting/situation DOESN'T mean i dont have avpd, right? the articles always state that people with avpd don't necessarily display all the symptoms. Anxiety still plays a big part in my life and is a huge hindrance. Besides I haven't even told her half of my situation. I've been to see this counsellor twice now and I feel like she doesn't seem to get my troubles. Is this normal or should I find a new counselor? I mean I probably only have the luxury to see her one or two more times before my candidature ends and I can't enjoy the counseling services anymore, but I'm considering asking her to refer me to a proper counselor/psychiatrist/psychologist in our last session. I heard CBT is useful in treating avpd symptoms?

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Do you have medication for all this anxiety? I know of something which might help well it helps me but I dont think I am allowed to say as its spamming or something.
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Hi Raremist,

I just posted in a new thread that I think I have this disorder. I personally feel you need a second or third opinion. Not all therapists know what they are on about and some get things totally wrong. I say just as well (much to their chagrin) we have the internet nowadays. You are too young but there was a time when us oldies had to rely on our doctors' advice as there was nowhere else to go. I did have CBT for six months but personality disorders were never mentioned. To be brutally honest, I think most of these therapists (The Rapists) are crap but is worth maybe finding a new one.
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