Undiagnosed - is it worth pursuing?
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Undiagnosed - is it worth pursuing?

This is a discussion on Undiagnosed - is it worth pursuing? within the Other Mental Health forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; So, I've been depressed and struggled with suicidal thoughts for as long as I can remember, but I've never been ...

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Default Undiagnosed - is it worth pursuing?

So, I've been depressed and struggled with suicidal thoughts for as long as I can remember, but I've never been officially diagnosed with a particular brain problem situation.

The closest I came was when I checked myself into a hospital to avoid acting on my suicidal ideation in a tricky situation, and the shrink they assigned me estimated that I probably had some fun combo platter of anxiety and depression (although she pretty much dismissed what I told her about having had these feelings from early childhood, which made it very difficult to tell her anything else), put me on a mild dose of Effexor, and got me to fill out some psychological testing questionnaires, which were then forwarded to the mental health clinic in my hometown, theoretically for them to, I guess, squeeze some kind of answer out of them and help me accordingly, except that I was only in said hometown for a few weeks, staying with my parents after being released from the hospital, so the only contact I had with the place all my testing went to was a phone call in which it was concluded that if I wasn't going to be around to come to their group therapy or whatever, the only thing for them to do was throw out my file. They did; I went back to the city I was living in with friends at the time, took my meds until the prescription ran out, and continued to feel shitty, albeit with a general resolution not to do anything drastic about it.

I don't know. Is it worth wrangling with all the mangled beaurocracy and bad counsellors just to put a word to my problem? And then get to continue to wrangle with the system...presumably forever if it succeeds in helping me not kill myself? I know it helps some, but I have very little evidence of how from my own personal experience.

idk, I guess I'm also asking how you find the right help, especially when your problems include not being able to talk about your problems coherently out loud. Every avenue to help seems to involve that as a prerequisite, and I have no idea how anybody ever gets from where I am to where they seem to be under those circumstances.
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Wherever you live, I think you did the perfect thing for short-term help when things got bad.

Is getting a diagnosis of paramount importance to you? Maybe you have a specific reason, and need information.

For example, if you've had any kind of sensory hallucination, or have had beliefs you found later were delusions. Or can't understand why your emotions run the way they do. Or your thoughts race, or run on disturbing subjects, or something. These represent important psychological events/states and should be examined thoroughly. But it seemed like you meant something other than these.

You are the best (and only!) historian for your own mind and thoughts. You haven't said them here, but you could write down your suspicions... or the things that make you think something organic or serious is wrong. If you find a therapist, ask about your suspicions.

You can also investigate online, just by searching for the phrases you would use to describe an event, feeling, or state of mind.

I hope you find it worthwhile to try a counselor. Even if they aren't perfect, you can use them to find some clarity or just to get yourself started talking.

And you can certainly go to a hospital again of your own volition if you feel the way you did before. It's an important place to have as a resort. And that's one thing they're there for.
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Thanks vegetablematter.
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