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This is a discussion on Obsessing within the Other Mental Health forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Hi everyone, just after a bit of advice if anyone has suffered with similar or knows what I could do ...

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Default Obsessing

Hi everyone, just after a bit of advice if anyone has suffered with similar or knows what I could do to make it stop.....

I obsess over certain things, and it isn't just a small obsession it can take over my life, my sleep, my thoughts, my actions etc.

I suffered with Bulimia for many years, I know it never really leaves you, but that was an obsession. I was obsessed with being sick and it making me feel better as that was the only thing that would.

Another example, my front door lock broke, I have changed this lock now twice ( bought new from shop & professionally fitted ) I am still not satisfied I am locked in properly. I get up and check the door is locked several times over the case of an hour, I can't sleep, it is on my mind, it is an obsession.

Another example my ex bf used to drink and take very strong drugs, I used to obsess over this, worry where he was what he was doing, I would constant text and call etc etc, it wasn't healthy for me, I was stressing myself out obsessing over his actions and that he was OK.

Another example, my brother would never wash up after himself, dirty dishes left on the side, in his room, living room, kitchen units etc, just expected me to do it, this was an obsession, where I would get very angry, and again I would call, send a million texts, get upset over this, it takes over my life.

Once one obsession is over and done with, like it has been fixed or left my life, I move onto something else, I feel like I have to have something that continually takes over my life to constant worry or obsess over, im stressed out if I don't ....

I do suffer with depression, I take medication to control this and my bulimia, but I am not convinced the above comes under depression or symptoms of bulimia?

If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it
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I am sorry to hear that Shaz

First of all, sorry that no one replied sooner. But we care.

Well, is it possible that you have OCD on top of it?

This is just an idea, but maybe you could try meditation? It helps in "cleaning our minds" from extra thoughts that we dont need. If you didnt try it already, i would try it. And if you have a therapist, it would be wise to talk about it with him/her.

Hope you will feel better soon and that your obsessions and bulimia will be gone forever.
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We recently mentioned OCD in my psyhology classes and one of the most common is door lock. I don‘t say you have OCD (I‘m not competent to diagnose you, especialy not over internet). But I would agree with nsdimitrije. You could check that one.
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OCD sucks but it has it's use. I've learned over time that it was pointless to fight it since in the end, I won't be able to do anything else unless I do whatever it is that's on my mind.

It can be put to good use although you can be pretty sure you're going to overdoing it. It's how I trained every single day for 3 years. I've restarted doing it now because I've gained some weight since all those years ago. It's how I did 3 years of math in 2 months, etc.

For me, the key is to be aware that I can get obsessed by anything and to block thoughts that would lead to me getting obsessed by something I don't want and to promote those that would lead to a "positive" obsession.
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Thank you for the advice everyone ��

Its strange i always joke about having OCD, as i check my alarm is set a good 20 times before i go to sleep, everything has to be in the right places and just right etc, always thought it was me just being abit strange.

I suppose i never looked into why i was doing these things or what could be causing them?

Id love to be able to distract myself from what ever im obsessing over like just leave it alone or not mention it and get it out my head but it takes over and i will continue to obsess until im satisfied with what ever it is :(
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Shaz88~Just thougth I would post some suggestions that may/might help you. I hope you don't mind.

First things is have you tried relaxation techniques? Something like Yoga for example could be helpful, for the relief of stress, anxiety, & trying to stay calm. Another thing, would be to "force" one's self to not be compulsive to do, whatever it is they continue to do. It may be extremely difficult, at first, but in time you can "train" yourself to not do, whatever it is that you want or feel you need to do;even for longer durations of time. One other thing, is to know what things seem to trigger it, even more frequently. If you find that certain things trigger, the onsets of OCD, it can help you deal with it & deture yourself from "allowing it," as time progresses. Last but not least, seeking therapy's a suggestable idea as well.
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