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This is a discussion on help? within the Other Challenges forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; i supposed this would go here, it was part of too many other sub forums... anyways, just looking for some ...

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i supposed this would go here, it was part of too many other sub forums... anyways, just looking for some advice from anyone who is willing to give it... I guess I should begin at the uh, beginning. Ever since like seven years old i was weird, not sure if it could be connected to any of the following, but i would talk to things I saw in my bedroom at night, and say dark and scary things that seven year olds shouldnt be talking about. I dont remember any of that much to give any more information. But now I have a whole new problem, which seems to be getting significantly worse... I have stopped trying to convince myself that my parents were right, and that all these problems were just me crying out for attention. Last year, I fought a terrible battle with anorexia, and I was caught by my parents. So i pretended to go back to normal eating for the sake of saving my behind. But behind closed doors I would vomit up all that I had just eaten. After months of doing this, I came to a point where I couldn't stop puking anymore, even if I wanted to, and my mom finally took me into a doctor and I was given medicine to treat gastritis. For this i was punished... in mental and physical ways, and they said it was only a cry for attention. A few months after, I attempted suicide for the first time. But my boyfriend who had recieved my farewell call, called me back before I was too endangered. This happened again twice, each time i either chickened out... or I was caught. That year on a youth mission i confessed to my youth group leader that I had attempted suicide and I wanted help. Bad idea. They told my parents, and there went the same cycle with the eating disorder... my youth pastor took it upon himself to take me to a counselor, but my parents stopped it after a few weeks, saying that it would do me no good and that I only wanted attention. Now, for the record, i really don't think I want attention... I used to, because that seemed to be the only answer to why I was feeling so alone and hurt. recently however, I have been experiencing what seem to be waves in my emotions. Extreme high, when neither i nor anyone else can recognize me, and lows, to which are very hard to cope with... and I will lock myself in my room and try to sleep, hoping that when i wake, it will have passed. My boyfriend had been the only one i would confide in during these times, but recently we went through a rough breakup... and i am completley alone in the matter. I would appreciate it if anyone could give me any help or advice on this matter, thanks. And also, if you think that maybe it IS just a cry out for attnetion...
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Of course I don't know for certain, but this doesn't sound like a cry for attention. You were hiding your eating disorder from your parents for one thing.

Unfortunately your parents aren't being supportive and they are refusing to take you seriously. There could be a lot of reasons. They may be afraid because they love you so much and so they are denying that something might be wrong--to make themselves feel better. They might not really believe in mental illness. They might be embarrassed/think that others will think they are bad parents if you need help.

With education and information they might change their attitudes, but until then you need to look for support elsewhere. You need confidential support that is free. Maybe your school has something? There might also be free mental health clinics in you area. Take This Life is a good start.

Focus on making some friends who might listen. If your current friends won't understand, try school clubs where you might run into people who could help.

Hope that helps a little!
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Thanks =)
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attention, suicide, eating disorder, loneliness

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