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What are your OCD habits?

This is a discussion on What are your OCD habits? within the OCD forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; I have a few different habbits, it started off with little things when I was first dignosed years ago! But, ...

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Old 02-13-11, 06:44 PM   #141
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I have a few different habbits, it started off with little things when I was first dignosed years ago! But, I've got more as the years went on...

My first thing was making a werid whistling sound with my tongue and it esculated from there...

I have to click my joints, and it's litterally ALL of them. I can be doing it for hours...

I have to touch things, just suddenly I'll see something and I'll HAVE to touch it, often I'll have to touch it quite a few times until it's right again.

Hand writing, my writing has to be perfect, I can end up writing things a ridiculous amount of times, hence why I now usually use a commputer. Although sometimes I have to re-write things on the computer...

I wash my hands a lot, I generally wash them after everything I do...but I also do it in the middle of things, or whenever my hands feel 'sticky'.

I also have to brush my hair...I cannot have knots in my hair, so I brush it ALL the time, my friends hate it.

This last one is really werid, and I hate it with a passion because it makes me look incredibly stupid! But, I have to touch my nose with my top lip...it sounds really werid, but I just have to do it.

So, those are my habbits...
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I've got one that's fairly destructive. It goes hand in hand with skin picking or hair picking. I pick my gums. I've been doing it since I was about 11, so it's fairly engrained in my self.

I basically use my thumbnail to dig in to the gum line and intersect the sulcus (gum pocket) and remove the section by lifting it away. I used to only do my two lower canine teeth, but I later just started doing it anywhere and on the insides as well as the outsides. I had even had oral surgery when I was 12 to graft tissue from the roof of my mouth onto the missing gum sections of my canine teeth. I've picked this away, too.

My gum picking also evolved into an additional technique where I used dental floss to dig out sections between my teeth. I even went as far as to loop the floss and "lasso" sections of gums and pulling them away from between my teeth.

While all of this sounds terrible and is horribly destructive, the feeling is incredibly satisfying and therein lies the addictive aspect. And from what I've read about these types of OCDs, neuro-pathways associated with these tremendously satisfying actions become established. This paves the way for repeated behavior and makes these actions incredibly difficult to stop.

I don't like the fact that I do this and I've tried many methods to stop. Trimming my nails is fairly effective, but they grow back soon enough to resume picking. Telling others to remind me not to pick when they see me doing it only makes me mad and resentful toward them. Others have suggested that I put something gross or bad tasting on my fingers, but I would probably either learn to associate the flavor with gum picking and then tolerate it, or just simply wash it off and go to town.

Recently I tried a (relatively) radical solution. Acupuncture. I discussed it with the acupuncturist and she used techniques that she would for addictions. I had five sessions, once a week. All the while she was asking me how it was going with the picking. I said that I haven't been doing it because I was serious about stopping, but also that the desire to pick was still there. After the five treatments, I stopped the acupuncture and just hoped for the best. I'm still not really doing it, but I catch myself beginning, such as placing my nail against the gum line. I really want to do it still, but I'm also serious about stopping. So I'm trying as hard as I can to not do it.

I have to just consider the moment. I can't worry about what might happen later. I just have to be sure that I won't do it now. Keeping my nails trimmed very short does help, but it's a daily battle. Hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second.
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@Flounderinglife: Err, thats sounds terrible. Sorry you have to deal with that compulsion.

My ocd-like tendencies are all fairly silly, but they don't negatively affect me really.

A few that I can think of is, whenever I feel uncomfortable or nervous with something thats said or if I see something I find somewhat disturbing, I have a compulsion to rub my nose. I seem to just do it out of reflex. Can't remember when I started doing it really either.

I also have a urge to fairly regularly mess with my hair. My hair is always messy as I'm always fiddling with it and if I have to comb it for any reason I will have the urge to mess my hair up again.

And when it comes to my car, no matter how many times I make absolutely sure I do everything right before getting out of my car, I always walk about 10 feet away then have an urge to walk back and make sure I put my handbrake on, put it in park etc, even though every time I walk back to check, its always fine.
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Some of my ocd behaviors have pretty much gone extinct over the years - skin picking and nail biting. Others are still with me. I have an odd one that I do so much that I often don't notice it. It's not really destructive, but gets on my nerves sometimes. I do little, tiny motions with my finger or fingers (depending on typing or handwriting) where I'll repeat words or phrases in sets of three letters. (thr eel ett ers)
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Eating the skin on my left middle finger. I know, I know, it's absolutely revolting. I hate myself for doing it, but it was pretty much how I handled being sent to boarding school as a kid, and, well, I guess the habit stuck. Revolting.
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I am not diagnosed with OCD but I'm pretty sure I have it!
Everything has to be equal. If someone touches my right arm, I have to touch my left arm until I feel 'right' again. If I don't, everything seems wrong and I can't carry on with my day. LOL, sounds stupid, I know, but it's awful.
If I touch press 'enter' on my keyboard, I have to press 'caps lock' merely because it's on the opposite site of the keyboard and it doesn't feel equal.
I tap a lot of things too. Equally, of course... I don't know I'm doing it either! I'll be sat on my laptop, and I'll suddenly start tapping my touchpad because I don't feel 'right'.
Is there a diagnosis for this? Is this even OCD?
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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by unreasonable thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead you to do repetitive behaviors (compulsions). With obsessive-compulsive disorder, you may realize that your obsessions aren't reasonable, and you may try to ignore them or stop them. But that only increases your distress and anxiety. Ultimately, you feel driven to perform compulsive acts in an effort to ease your stressful feelings.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder often centers around themes, such as a fear of getting contaminated by germs. To ease your contamination fears, you may compulsively wash your hands until they're sore and chapped. Despite your efforts, thoughts of obsessive-compulsive behavior keep coming back. This leads to more ritualistic behavior and a vicious cycle that's characteristic of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) - MayoClinic.com

It's important to remember that OCD is an ANXIETY DISORDER. Just thought I'd share this link, if anyone is interested.
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-Matching clothing with a feature colour down to my underwear & hair accessories must match my feature colour.
- Surfaces that get touched by other people must be cleaned with disinfectant
- I dont sit on toilet seats unless it is my own toilet
- Straightening table clothes, bed sheets until I think they're exactly straight.
- Shoes must be kept in order of style trainers, flats, platforms.
- Clothing to be kept in order of style

If I find that none of these things are done correctly or I am incapable of doing something in these habits then I suffer a panic attack.
Also I have read a lot of people say that they arent diagnosed with OCD but have tendencies, you do not have ocd until you're diagnosed. Some of these tendencies can just stem from other mental illness aswell anxiety sometimes has similar tendencies to ocd but not necessarily. I realise it can sometimes be easier to label yourself with an illness, but it is important to be diagnosed.

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Never been diagnosed with OCD either but I guess these are considered habits.

- Outfits must match color coordinated from top to bottom.
Example: If my baby sister is wearing a pink & white shirt with pink bottoms & her white socks have red hearts on them, I get irked & destined to go find some plain white socks.

- Everything must be organized in one place & not scattered.
Example: Toys!!! I'll give myself a migrane obsessing over the sight of my sister scattering them everywhere. Can't stand it.

- Handwriting must be neat.
Example: If I make the line on an a too long, I get agitated & start all over writing again. Same with any other messy mistake.

So the 3 things I listed do get in my head & take control of my mind a lot.
I have the tendency to obsess over the littlest things. Pretty much everything has to be close to perfect.

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My habits :
Everything must be touched four times or eight times and when I'm stressed, it's 16 times. I have to blink four times after touching something too.
I go round the house at night four times and will blink and open and close doors 4, 8 or 16 times. I will turn off taps 4, 8 or 16 times...sometimes 18 times if I feel I could tighten the taps more. I make sure I turn the all plugs off at the wall at night. I check the lights 4 times. Then I listen quietly in case any tap or light turns on - though I know it's stupid it'll bother me until I do these things. I even get up to do it if my partner comes to bed later than me. It takes me five hours to get ready to go to bed at night because of my routine.
I wash my hands everytime I have a cigarette - 25 times in total and when I've been toilet so that's an added 6 times on that. I've got painful cracked skin because of it.
I have to listen to a song four times in total.
I have a thing with touching my neck up to 16 times a day.
I have to cough four times in one cycle and cough a further 8 cycles (32 coughs in all which means it's a weird number so I cough until my throat is raw).
I also have to repeat things twice when speaking.
I cannot stand bad grammar or spelling and will fight the urge to say or do something to correct it.
I am HELL to live with hahaha.

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