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This is a discussion on resources within the OCD forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Does anyone know of any reliable resources where I could read more about this. I'm not looking to self-diagnose, only ...

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Default resources

Does anyone know of any reliable resources where I could read more about this. I'm not looking to self-diagnose, only learn. After my first post here, SC suggested I might have some symptoms of OCD from the things I was saying about myself (particularly about persistent counting that is sometimes out of my control). Like I said, I don't want to diagnose myself. But I would be interested in learning more about this. I could just google it, but if any of you know of a particularly good Web site or book on the topic, I'd be interested in checking that out. Thanks.
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hi R.S.S. ive found a few sites if ud like to take a look at them

sorry i couldnt get more for u
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Thanks. Those are great starting places. And don't worry about finding more. After I check these out I'll stop being lazy and start looking myself. lol. Thanks again.
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I think most of us have a little bit of OCD in us. It's not a major problem unless it gets in the way of your daily life. Like if you notice your performance at work is slipping, or you're not getting things done like you used to, or you're no longer enjoying life because you're too distracted counting things.

My OCD is very simple and not-so-serious, it's rather silly actually. I count the syllables on road signs and make up an extra syllable if it adds to an odd number (I hate odd numbers). Or when I walk up the steps, if there are 13 steps, I will count one twice so there's 14 or I'll skip one so there's 12. Everything I do I have to do it in even numbers. Brushing my teeth, my hair, scratching an itch. And if I don't....well there is no "if I don't", I HAVE to! So I have a giggle when I catch myself doing this stuff.
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hi R.S.S... I do this stuff too...
I count a lot of stuff... steps, sidewalk squares, bricks, tiles, stairs... I like to straighten things - make them even, I like shiny things to shine, don't like spots...
I don't know... certain things just distract me a bit...
but like Mousey said.. there is a huge area of gray between "normal" behavior and "OCD" ...
I never felt like my behavior significantly affected my life bc although it distracts me sometimes, it doesn't significantly affect my life... I don't *have* to do things... I just want to sometimes... even tho I don't always think of it or am not always aware of it at first...
I can choose to stop and walk away and I'm fine...
So I never sought out meds or help for it or anything...
My therapist also told me that OCD tendencies were common among people in a lot of pain or with histories of abuse...
This is because these kinds of behaviors are very distracting.. and they offer something else to focus on instead of the painful/very troublesome thoughts...
That totally made sense for me... Made sense why I always counted everything and organized everything as a kid... from tiles in the bathroom to stripes on the road on the way to school every morning... to stepping on every crack...
I don't know if this makes sense for you at all...

My fav site to start with is always it is like an online public encyclopedia - regular people and enthusiasts and all can add to entries - anyone... and there are lots of links to any entry... so if you looked up OCD there, you would find info plus research likely, and a lot of links there, I'm sure...
:) good luck.
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ooh we all like to count the same things.... how interesting


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