Lots of weird tics
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Lots of weird tics

This is a discussion on Lots of weird tics within the OCD forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; I've had tics since I was at least 6 years old. Over the years they change, or "develop", or they ...

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Default Lots of weird tics

I've had tics since I was at least 6 years old. Over the years they change, or "develop", or they get replaced by other tics. All my tics are voluntary but I feel a strong urge to do them. Sort of a build up until I can release it. I do my best to hide them from everyone and have never told anyone about them. If I get a strong urge I will find an excuse to turn away and do it.

Some of my current tics are blinking and winking with the right eye until I'm satisfied. Something to do with the feeling of my eye lids I think.

I also roll my eyes back till I'm satisfied with the feeling of the muscles behind my eyes.

I make almost silent breath sounds with my throat. There is a series of three I like to do: a long one then a shorter one, followed by a sort of "click" one.

(Anytime I do a series of three for any tic I will often repeat the third part a few times before starting over)

I press my lips my lips together in a series of three: a hard press that lasts about 1.5 seconds followed by two quicker presses.

I tap my thumb and middle finger in a series of three: a long press followed by two quick ones.

I imagine a sort of invisible barrier going through me from behind/above and pushing unwanted contact out of/away from my genitals (this tic began years ago as a physical push but it turned into just a mental tic) I do this at the thought of unwanted sexual contact.

I scratch or pinch certain areas on my body, like my head or neck or elbow..etc, that feel somehow centered. I have a permanent discoloration on the front of my neck because I started this tic when I was young.

I strongly prefer to turn left and will often go out of my way to do so. Sometimes when I'm alone I'll spin around on the spot a few times, always left.

I have a few more tics but these are some of the main ones. When I was little my tics would be more obvious, like making a sound with my throat or smiling and closing my eyes suddenly for a second over and over. My parents would keep saying "what's wrong with you?" and talk about me like I was doing something wrong so I became very self conscious of my tics and began doing them as discreetly as possible. Many of my tics started out a bit obvious and were changed over time into something I could hide easier.

Does anyone else have any problems like this?
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Tics are pretty common, and they vary from one person to another. They also have a wide variety of causes, but they are quite treatable... Have you seen a doctor about it?

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I have several tics now. Mine are largely due to over-usage of benzodiazepines.

I have tics that may never go away. I think tegretol might work to help lesson them, but, you'll have to get it checked out by a doctor.

I hope things improve, and you'll feel better soon.
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