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Horrible Thoughts.

This is a discussion on Horrible Thoughts. within the OCD forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Before people read this I want you to know I am not a violent or crazy person. I have never ...

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Question Horrible Thoughts.

Before people read this I want you to know I am not a violent or crazy person. I have never been in a fight, I don't want to hurt anyone.

For years now I have been having horrible thoughts that I can't control. They have gotten worse lately though. The thoughts keep getting worse, It's becoming hard to function on a day to day basis. The thoughts make me really nervous. It seems my thoughts are becoming more violent. They are not always violent though sometimes they are just creepy. The thoughts are starting to take over my entire life.
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Hey, I think I might be going through some similar. I'm not going to say it's completely the same... but I've been having some pretty scary thoughts lately myself. Sometimes I'm scared I'm gonna act on them.. but so far luckily they're just thoughts. But they just consume my thoughts day and night... I know how hard it can be. Have you spoken to anyone about it? Like a therapist or your doctor?
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You're not alone.
I can't tell you how many times I've genuinely wanted to kill someone.
It's hard going outside now because I get worried that one day they'll be more than thoughts.
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Know that feeling. Even if people say that I'm a nice, albeit weird, person, I still sometimes have these invading thoughts in which I imagine myself hurting them.

It usually happens when they tell me that I'm wrong or when I get frustrated with something they say.

Though, I'm in absolute control over whether I'll act on these "thoughts" or not; I've never been in a fight myself either and I hate aggressive behaviour. The only thing that annoys me is the constant blinking that I have to do in order to "wish away" the thoughts really hard which appears as odd to others.

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i think these thoughts are actually more normal than you think. i, and many people i know, have these thoughts. but if you feel like acting on them... maybe there's a real problem there...
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Hi there - I'm going through something similar. It's not aggressive thoughts, but just really horrible, out of control worrying/fretting. I just wanted to say that you're not alone, and that I feel for you.
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Hi. Those thoughts might indicate you have OCD.

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You are not alone.The OCD control your thought.
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Thoughts are just thoughts. It does not mean you are bad for having these violent thoughts. As long as you control yourself from hurting anyone, then it should be fine. You have to be firm and make your mind like an antivirus program. Each time it comes, block it away. I am not sure how but there are methods that you need to find to block it. But it is normal to have weird thoughts regardless whether it is violent or sexual or etc. It is just thoughts and involuntary. But your actions are.
Intrusive Thoughts: Normal or Not? | Psychology Today
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