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Attention all daydreamers

This is a discussion on Attention all daydreamers within the OCD forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; I have a problem with daydreaming, everyday, could do it for hours. I'm aware that I'm doing it so it's ...

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Old 01-11-11, 12:06 PM   #1
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Default Attention all daydreamers

I have a problem with daydreaming, everyday, could do it for hours. I'm aware that I'm doing it so it's not linked to any psychotic disorder. Anyway, I found a name for it!

It's called Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder. Here's the article I found:

Home - Are You Daydreaming Your Life Away?
"Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about."
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Thank you for this, i find that i do the same thing, and yeah before i know it my day has gone and i feel as though i have wasted my time. thanx
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Thanks for the article. I would do this subconsciously. It's nice to read an explanation about this.
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God, sometimes I'll go an take a nap without even being sleepy just so I can daydream. Sometimes I'd daydream though a class, do not want to get of the tram on my station so I can daydream...nice :S
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Old 11-26-11, 05:32 PM   #5
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Just came across this and found it interesting. I may have it. I find that I can lay on my bed and just think for hours, staring at nothing, just imagining I'm somewhere else having fun.
`Sometimes it hurts more to smile in front of everyone, then to cry all alone.`
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Old 03-18-12, 05:18 AM   #6
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Ah, finally an answer to my strange childhood habits.

I was the kid that would run up and down in a perfect line, shaking the hands rapidly, and making funny faces for hours on end. My parents worried for me, but I assured them that I needed this to get absolute potential out of my day-dreaming. I created worlds; magnificent and elaborate universes of lore, stories and legends. I got my inspiration from anything and everything, like dreams, books, movies and even a sun-set. As I became older, I tamed my behaviour down quite a bit, balancing it with my life and treating it as a "do all the time your not doing anything important" thing. It has sparkled my creativity, and I have a non-stop machine for my writing hobby and art. In fact, if it wasn't for this little "disorder" I wouldn't have the plot-line for my current novel up and running.

There is a balance. Sometimes it is painful to know that what you create isn't real, but other times there is a sweet bliss that you have the imagination there. Certain things that you create in your mind can become reality in the form of ideas and inventions, goals and purposes. I myself hope to graduate from high-school and head right into my line-up to become a scientist. You never know what can happen in this world, and I plan on succeeding in my visions with my intuition and wandering mind.

Gosh, I sure am glad to see that there are others out there who behaved peculiarly as children though. I thought I was the only pacing-child with the funny faces and fantasy land. Guess not :P
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Yup,I also have this problem,stumbled upon it two weeks ago while searching for reasons of excessive daydreaming.

As the name suggests(maladaptive),the daydreaming is enabled so much because we couldn't adapt and/or reality doesn't satisfy our needs.I'm part for a yahoo group for this,so I'll restrain myself now from writing more.:)
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My favorite occupation is maladaptive daydreaming. The pay sucks, though. I do this a lot, but I write a lot of short stories and stuff like that, so I claim artistic endeavor as an excuse.
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