World War III?
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World War III?

This is a discussion on World War III? within the News forums, part of the The TTL Community category; The US, UK and France versus Russia and China in a Northern Africa-Middle East conflict of unprecedented madness. I hope ...

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Default World War III?

The US, UK and France versus Russia and China in a Northern Africa-Middle East conflict of unprecedented madness. I hope that wonít happen.

I wonít pretend to be extremely informed when it comes to world affairs. Iíd like to see people everywhere obtain human rights and personal freedoms and I think itís encouraging that these revolutions are happening and working in some places. But I donít really know much about any of the governments or groups protesting.

What are you guys thinking about all of this? Are the 'allied forces' doing the right thing? Are you scared? Do you think this could turn into a conflict between western and eastern powers trying to preserve their interests as civil wars break out in Northern Africa?
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Well there's no point in being scared of the inevitable. Ww3 is not a possibility it's a certainty, it's just when. World peace isn't going to happen in human history, we are selfish greedy cunts and power is our goal. Oil is control at the moment, and that area is rich in it. That's why they want it.

If you live in a country alied to the US you are safe(ish). Yeah yeah, terrorist attacks do happen, and it's a tragedy for the family's of the victims, but it's a mere scratch on the surface. Throughout the iraq war there was a few hundred US/UK forces deaths, the afgans lost 75,000. Now I'm not saying that this is a good thing, any unnecessary death is a waste, what I'm saying is that western countries are more prepared. We got the money and the power.

Then it comes down to nukes..... Well that's another story... And I don't know how that would turn out.

But no I'm not scared and would probs join the forces :/
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World War III?

If it happens, one thing is for sure...World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
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IMO WWIII will never happen. Well, it wont be called WWIII. The "stigma" behind that title is to fearful, so "they" won't call it that. Just like the current wars are "conflicts". The "war on terror" etc...

Also, we have gotten to the point that we are to "mixed" socially to fight a global war. Unless we had a dividing issue that almost everyone in each division was prepared to support, it won't happen. You have to have the support of the people to continue a "war" fought for those people. our leadership is to divided on any major issues, to support a global war.

Religion is dying and those that used to support it are grasping at straws to secure it.

If we were attacked, it would unite us to defend ourselves, we will never pursue a global war. Look at the current situation as proof. We are not "attacking" libya, we are "defending" revolutionaries, and our allies.

In the end this is the same as every other conflict we are, or will be in. "they" have something and "we" want it. it could be safety, freedom, oil, or dirt...but remember that every conflict starts and is fought to gain something. As long as we want something others have, we will fight. In the halls at school, the streets of our town, the rooms in our home or the lands in the world... its no different. the only thing that changes is the numbers, the weapons and the things we want.
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Some people think WWIII already happened. That is was the Cold War. But...with so many ME countries revolting their governments and wanting Democracy, lots of those ME kings and dictators will do anything to stay in power. So as much as I'd like to think this Liyba deal with be over quickly...hard to say what comes down the pike next.

Still....we are living in historic times.
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i see it happening and setting up in the next few you ask? well just compare the republican candidates running for president and their montra about isolationists//much like leading up to WWII the USA wasnt involved at all in other countries..even ignoring threats and warning history repeats if we go down that road again..there will be countries to take advantage of our non pressence..just my take
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