Justice for Dr Shawkat Spahi-Shoaib
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Justice for Dr Shawkat Spahi-Shoaib

This is a discussion on Justice for Dr Shawkat Spahi-Shoaib within the News forums, part of the The TTL Community category; From the Facebook page: Welcome to Facebook - Event Page Welcome to Facebook - Group Page What This is about ...

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Default Justice for Dr Shawkat Spahi-Shoaib

From the Facebook page:
Welcome to Facebook - Event Page
Welcome to Facebook - Group Page
What This is about
This is the fabricated loose page (at the bottom) which the Jewish Police Officer DC Curry malicously arrested Dr Spahi because of it. The officer claimed that Dr Spahi has ticked a wrong box, when he filled his application for indefinte leave to remain in the UK many many years ago, to the following question which appears on the page... (Have you been indicted...). Officer Curry claimed that Dr Spahi failed to tell the Authority that the Kiss on the cheek case was still on going when he filled the form. Dr Spahi stated that he notified the authority with the case, he has always done so, the authority knew everything about him when he filled the application and that he is not surprised why few people in Authority are targetting him now and bringing this alleged wrong tick case after many years from when it allegedly happend. Notice that the page does not have Dr Spahi signature or even his handwriting on it. The page is loose, not stapled or connected to any other page on the form. Mr Michael Ansell, the handwriting expert, told the Court the application form was not secure, with various pages not attached and that there is %50 chance that the page was inserted by someone else other that Dr Spahi himslef. Mr Ansell also stated that although the tick appears like the ticks on the rest of the form but any one could have used a similar pen with similar ink and made this similar tick. Dr Spahi barrister made an application to adjourne the trial in order to examine the page chemically. This application was rejected by the Judge. Why? They are hiding something and they want to get rid of Dr Spahi as soon as possible before his Awareness Campaign for Justice spreads acorss the Country in the UK and around the world.

Today He goes to court and his message he left was:

Why really I am being tried and sentenced today? Is it over fabricated or unintentional wrong tick on a box? Or is it really over my exposure of the undercover corruption in the English Justice System?

Dear members of Justice for Dr Shawkat Spahi-Shoaib
I am due to be retried today for yet another trivial, malicious and fabricated case against me (Allegedly wrong Tick on the box on application form which I filled some 6 years ago). I am sure most of you understand why some evil, racist and corrupt people in Authority decided to bring and fabricate this case now after many years from filling the application form and only after we made the decision to start this campaign on facebook in order to tell the kind British Public what happened in the previous malicious case (The Kiss on the cheek case).

I am sure most of you can understand by now that my trial today and my sentence (which would be on the same day today if I got convicted) is not really about a wrong tick on the box which some corrupt people in authority claimed that I made many years ago and they are not able to prove that It was me who did it and intentionally. My trial and sentence today is really because I had the gut to stand up against some corrupt Jewish Zionist in Authority and tell the kind British public about their racist nature and about their linked and undercover corruption.

It was very easy for those corrupt people in authority to stand up and face me in front of the Public and in the Media but no, they decided to have me in their lions den first, remove me from the picture and shut me up in order to be able to tell the Public what they want and discredit me in anyway they can. They thought by doing this no one would follow my campaign any further and perhaps people would forget about me.

They (acting cowardly and against the law) moved my case to the Crown Court instead of the lower Magistrate court in order to punish me harshly. They made a silly and against the law excuse that because I started my facebook campaign online therefore I should be tried and sentenced at the Crown Court and not the magistrate. Although the facebook campaign has got nothing to do with the Tick on the Box case and it is merely to tell the British and worldwide public what happened in the malicious kiss on the cheek case against me. This is clearly against the law as I should not be receiving a collective punishment for something which has got nothing to do with the wrong tick on the box case. I am not sure what is going to happened today but what I am sure of is that it is in the interest of at least few racist, corrupt and inhumane people in authority is to finish me off completely and tell the Public all kind of lies behind my back when I am not able to stand up and defend myself. Remember dear members that we started the campaign over a year ago, we informed the authority about it and the authority sure had a chance to stop the campaign or challenge me if I had said anything which is not true and which I am not able to prove with facts and evidence. Every word I said on the campaign is true and the campaign is facts and evidence based.

If they decided to imprison me today and if they are to kill me while in prison remember dear member that this will be considered the responsibility of the British Government for its failure to act and protect me and protect my family. I think those corrupt people next plot now is to tell people that I died in prison accidently or because of health problem (despite I am now %100 fit and health. To be more precise I only suffer from frozen shoulder and some acid reflux from all the stress that they have put me through because of those rubbish cases they managed to fabricate against me). And to be more correct and honest I also suffer from Police phobia and fear of malicious prosecution which is understandable the fact that I went through a traumatic life changing experience because of the previous malicious kiss on the cheek case.

I am truly grateful to the British Government for allowing me to campaign while I am on its own territory (Let’s hope that those evil corrupt people are not going to be able to persuade the Prosecution to bring another fabricated charge against me because of this open and legal campaign). I am also most grateful to all of you who stood by me and my family so far. Without you, I would have not been able to deliver the message. We hope that what happened to me and my family will never happen to anyone of you or your children. Please keep spreading the message to everyone you know even if I am away (Some corrupt people in Authority already threatened to kill me remember. I have 2 crime reference numbers of death threats against me 0401935/09 and 0412995/09 even before the start of this campaign and the Police were disabled to act). Telling other people is the only way to protect other families from this evil but powerful injustice.

Sorry if I hurt or offended anyone throughout this campaign. It was not my intention to do so (although I am sure that some of you have been offended indeed due to nature of the campaign, the sever racism and discrimination which I have been faced with throughout the proceedings and until now).

The campaign will continue as we have not broken any law, no one managed to tell us which part of the campaign is clearly against the law and most importantly it is in the Public interest to know what is happening in the Justice System in this Great Country the United Kingdom.

The case against me in Manchester over a friendly kiss on the cheek only and as part of my culture which, despite not being islamically correct, I am sure it is not considered a crime in any country all over the world. My decent sincere apology (even in the copied CD recording which was provided by the prosecution) was enough to satisfy the girl, the Police and the prosecution that it was an innocent and friendly kiss on the cheek only but no, some corrupt Jewish people in the Justice System (and am sure you know who they are by now) decided to make a case out of it and destroy my life, career and the future of my whole family over it. Not just that they even practiced their sadistic racist nature and punished me harshly because of it. Dear people please be aware of them, avoid them and tell others about them. Don’t trust them to try you or try your children or your relative. They are well known for trying to hide, disguise, and deny who they really are (We had to do a vigorous research in order to prove who they really are after they denied it. We also provided all the evidence which proves their racist nature and undercover corruption).

The tick on the Box case was brought up against me maliciously in order to stop me from telling people about my case in Manchester (the kiss on the cheek case). I am going to be punished again harshly over a silly and trivial wrong tick on the box at the Crown Court today with excuse that I started the campaign and therefore I should be punished more.

Even if those evil people in power and authority managed to get rid of me, deport me, put me in jail indefinitely or even kill me while I am inside, it is your duty now to make other people aware of this severe injustice in the Justice System in England because of those evil, corrupt and linked group. I am happy for people to learn from my case even if my life and my family future were destroyed because of it. I am not scared or frightened of what those evil people are going to do to me but I am sure worried about my kids and their future. I am sure God has a plan for them.

God blesses you all regardless of who you are.


Dr Shawkat Spahi-Shoaib National Awareness Campaign for Justice in the UK
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There's no winners when it's me against me, one of us aint gonna survive
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