Another election in Canada
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Another election in Canada

This is a discussion on Another election in Canada within the News forums, part of the The TTL Community category; Another federal election is coming up in Canada. I don't think I've ever dreaded an event as much as this ...

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Exclamation Another election in Canada

Another federal election is coming up in Canada. I don't think I've ever dreaded an event as much as this one in my life. I used to be at least somewhat interested in politics but these days I hate the thought of an election happening. Because I know that given my current situation, no party can do anything to improve my life. My problems are deep and beyond what any politician will ever care about. The government doesn't even count me towards the unemployment rate, so as far as they're concerned I don't exist. And really I'm not faulting the government for myself. My depression has worsened to the point that I'm a virtual shut-in and it's hard enough to believe there's any person, let alone a politician, who cares about a depressed loner like me.

Yet there will be many editorials near the election talking about how if you don't vote, you're a stupid moron and don't deserve to be a citizen. But it's really people who are most interested in politics that are reluctant to vote, because they realize most of this is BS. It's the people who are 100% behind one party and hate everyone else who are considered the most political, even "good people" because they hand out party pamphlets and are civic participators. Those people plus the politicians are really bad role models. It encourages verbal fights. But it's what's considered "good" in this society.

There's more to say about elections but what really hurts me is that, as a loner, I have little influence. There will inevitably be talk in the news about social media impacting the election, maybe even pollsters will predict using the number of Facebook "Likes" a candidate has. Hell maybe one day that will be the way of deciding the election. What really hurts is that there will be talk about strategic voting on Facebook, people vote-swapping with the Facebook "friends". That means as someone without friends, I don't even have as much of a right to vote as everyone else does! I have no civic voice compared to popular people.

It reminds me of the protests in Egypt. The media was going cuckoo over how social media caused the fall of the Egyptian government. That means if this had happened where I live, I wouldn't even be able to participate! I have no influence over politics or anything that goes on in my life, while people who were surrounded with friends since kindergarten and have hundreds of followers on Twitter have far more power than me. Should a revolution happen, the new leaders will point at me and say, "You didn't spread the message by Tweeting like everyone else did. You are a traitor!"

This is a perfect example of why I have given up every last ounce of my will to live. That as a loner, I cannot change anything about myself. I am powerless to change.
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It's true that in the big picture, one vote does not make a difference. I've yet to see a Canadian election decided by one vote --- but that doesn't mean I won't vote. Your vote counts as much as any from a champagne sipping socialist or any tweeting idiot with a bunch of 'followers'.

If I have trouble deciding who to vote for, I think about who I most want to vote against. Decide who you dislike the most and thwart their evil plans ... now that's real democracy!
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