Turn Around (Ft. Marnie Brown)
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Turn Around (Ft. Marnie Brown)

This is a discussion on Turn Around (Ft. Marnie Brown) within the Member Music forums, part of the Movies, Music, and TV category; Hey everyone! I recorded a song I wrote last night on my iPhone haha. Thought I would share because I ...

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Default Turn Around (Ft. Marnie Brown)

Hey everyone! I recorded a song I wrote last night on my iPhone haha. Thought I would share because I like the lyrics I came up with and I'm sure someone here can relate to them. Let me know what you think!

SoundClick artist: Purpose Music - page with MP3 music downloads

Just click 'Music' on the left, and it will list the songs out. Marnie Brown is singing on the chorus.

Here's the lyrics:

Verse 1

Iím starin down a dark road, itís desolate and empty
I wanna make it through, but this depression wonít let me
Nobody connects with me, no ones standin next to me
Searchin for happiness, cause none of it is left in me
Maybe itís destiny, or maybe itís not
Maybe Iím a little bit off, maybe the world is just lost
Iíll run through the fog, and while Iím writing this song
Iíll turn around, face these demons and tell em to fuck off
Iím sick of it all, tryin to breathe now
Iím staggerin but standin, at least Iím on my feet now
Canít you just see how, this lifes got me beat down
I wish I could sleep now, these demons need to leave now
Fuck the screams, its as loud as it gets
Iíma king mothafucka, they should crown the kid
But instead they keep askin, whatís with the frown on him
I feel like now is the end, but fuck I canít fall down again

Verse 2

Alcoholís my best pal, I drink until I black out
Iím sick of this crap, but I canít escape this black cloud
I just wish, that I could bottle the pain
Instead of drinkin out these bottles, cause I hurt all the same
Numbing means nothing to me, I need it to stop
Tell God to quit fuckin with me, leave me or not
Itís the pain that made me, but can you really blame me
If I say that it ainít me, mothafucka I just hate me
Lifeís a bitch, and sheís a hideous lady
She murders every angel, and laughs when she could save me
So instead of praying, I start to cry dog
Toss a middle finger up, and yell fuck the world survive dog
Why bother with the bullshit, Iím over it
Grab a fuckin gun and just hold it, watch this
My life is a mosh pit, I wish I could stop this
Living with depression, like a motherfuckin hostage

Verse 3

I donít know how it started, Iím sittin in darkness
Turned off all the lights, itís as black as my heart is
I feel all this pain, but a part of me likes it
What else could I expect, Iím as fucked up as this life is
I hope my kids, donít see the shit that I did
I hate how I look, I take mirrors down and hide em
Inside Iím cryin, is this what my life is like then
If I die tonight, at least I tried to fight it
Crisis, or maybe just desparate
For some kind of message, or a little connection
I say that I love it, but dog something is off
Cause itís a bigger lie, than me pretendin that thereís nothing wrong
How many calls, is my mom gonna skip on
How many more therapist, couches will I sit on
This road isnít full, so fuck payin the toll
Iíll turn around and walk back, itís too lonely and cold
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