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Not A Normal Man

This is a discussion on Not A Normal Man within the Male Issues forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; A weird problem but Iím curious if others experience the same. I donít like sports; cars and motorcycles bore the ...

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Default Not A Normal Man

A weird problem but Iím curious if others experience the same.

I donít like sports; cars and motorcycles bore the shit out of me; I donít drink, smoke or feel the need to have sex with any woman I see; I find tattoos and foul language to be vulgar and absolutely detest that ďbros before hosĒ logic the media seems to hit us with. As a result I find it next to impossible to make male-friends around here, a lot of them consider me weird because I donít follow the herd and my male co-workers are forever making snide remarks about me not being like them.

Iím not what society would call a geek or hipster either, quite far from it, when people describe me theyíll say Iím very masculine, Iím stalwart with a shaved head and a rugged look which means guys will approach me quite easily but once they find out Iím not into the same stuff most turn against me. Just to make matters worse I can talk to women far easier than men (less alpha male competitive nonsense) and donít have a problem getting dates which makes the men think Iím homosexual (Iím not) which just spurs them on to make even more snide remarks and comments because of their jealousy!

Itís incredibly annoying, Iíd like to have more male friends in my life but because they donít consider me a ďnormalĒ man I find it next to impossible to develop a friendship. Do any of you other guys have the problem of not being considered man enough by your male peers?
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I wish I had more male friends too. Like you, I'm not interested in sports, cars, or other stereotypical "masculine activities". I'm more of a books/movies/music type of person. It's weird, though; even on message boards I usually befriend women far easier than men. Just once I'd like to make friends with someone my own gender.

Anyway . . . sorry to hear your male coworkers are being jerks. You'd think after a certain point people wouldn't care about "acting like a man" or other irrelevant things.
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hun right now i think all men are SOB so no u are a "normal" guy they are the ones that arent. and no wonder y u get women all over u.. where can i get one of u? :D

p.s.: just a defect.. u dont like sports and im a p.e. teacher shame on ya ;)
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I feel a bit bitter that no one ever got me into any of those masculine things.
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My peers, or friends (the few of them), aren't exactly the kind of people that need to consider you a man to be your friend. It's a bunch of nerds basically, so I don't need to appear macho or anything like that. I like some of the things that you mentioned you don't like, but that's not why they're my friends.
Off course it helps to like drinking, as this seems to be the ultimate way of socializing in Scandinavia. ;)

It seems like you've tried to be friends with people who basically have other interests than you. The few friends that I have are people sith similar interests.
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