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My penis is too damn small

This is a discussion on My penis is too damn small within the Male Issues forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; sadbuck - not all women have vaginas equipped for larger penii. My ex didn't and it made for painful intercourse ...

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sadbuck - not all women have vaginas equipped for larger penii. My ex didn't and it made for painful intercourse for her (probably why our intimacy dropped off quickly).

and honestly - most women I have been with - manual/oral was the key to giving them orgasms most of the time.

You will find someone who enjoys what you have to offer
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sadbuck, you've got to stop listening to yourself & start listening to what we're saying about this. you're depressed. i know when my depression is very bad, it makes this negative voice in my head & it's hard to listen to other people. but so many people are telling you the same thing, you really should give that some merit. your thoughts are your enemy right now. i know what it's like. i know what it's like to hurt myself with my thoughts. but u have to stop attacking yourself.
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There's a reason people with small cocks are always made fun of. Having a small cock gets you made fun of and you also get a life-time membership to the loneliness club. Frankly, I don't believe all these women saying it doesn't matter. When I look online about this topic all I see is stuff like "it's how you use it..." and "As long as it's 5 inches you'll be fine". Well fuck! I'm below average! Where does that leave me? I'm in the microdick club and I hate it. Don't fucking LIE and say it doesn't matter, it does! There are basic requirements when it comes to size and I don't make the grade. I'll be alone forever and woemn are always gonna laugh at me.
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sorry if this is TMI, and i don't usually say anything this personal, but guys have given me plenty of orgasms other ways. things aren't lies just because you don't Believe them, it's just that you haven't Experienced them, and you know what, if you're surrounded by people who make such a big deal about penis size, you are hanging around the wrong people. not everyone is like that.
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You say this like you are talking from expeirence. Who has been making fun of you because of your size?

like what bluegirl said... there are more ways than just penetration that would please a girl. Oral, manual and who knows what else.... you never know your girl might be into something kinky like bdsm, feet, role play or pfft the the list is endless i couldnt posibly list them all.

I dont see myself as massively endowed but im about average (5-5 1/2 inches i think), ive never had a complex about it much... of course i wouldnt mind it to be a bit bigger, but even as it is i have hurt my gf a few times.... which REALLY ruins the mood during sex.

Sorry this next bit is a bit graphic

But look at it this way.... the bit that gives SOME woman pleasure (the G-Spot), is only 1-2 inches inside on the front wall of her vagina. so you are more than capable of hitting that spot. HOWEVER, unless your penis is very curved in the right direction you (or anyone else are not going to stimulate her that way.
How do most girls orgasm then? Because you are rubbing the patch of flesh above your cock up against her clit in a repeated rhythm....

So you have nothing to worry about

And dont think that ALL women want a big cock... it is not true.
For example, when i first got with my GF i was recovering from various drug addictions. One of the symptoms was premature ejaculation or arriving VERY quickly (like sometimes 10 seconds).... this went on for about a year, yeah it made me feel like less of a man, but my GF just kept reasuring me that it didnt matter and we had fun in other ways...

Stop putting yourself down over it.... be proud of your penis. women are more interested in who you are, so put more effort into building yourself and forget about the size of your penis
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A girl once told me my dick was smaller then her exes, then when she got back with him she still said the best sex was with me to a mutual friend because it was the conversation. She said "surprisingly" at the front as well. What I'm getting at is it's how you use it - a lot of girls will agree, well the ones I know.
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Old 02-26-12, 04:49 PM   #17
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Maybe some empirical data can help you. I bet you'd love to believe that your penis was totally normal (it is). As long as you have 2 inches, you can please a woman because that's really all the inner wall of vagina is most sensitive to.

Here's a youtube video about Women's penis size preference.

Debunking women penis size preference chart HOAX - YouTube

Also, average penis size is 5 inches for a reason. That's just what has been evolutionary advantageous in some way. How much do you care about boob size? Probably not too much. As long as a girl has them, you're pretty happy. For me, B thru D cup is great. If that's how shallow I get and I'm a guy, then how shallow are women?

Probably not any greater. Anything from a 3-7 inch penis seems fine and workable. Manhood isn't defined by penis size.

I have an average-size penis (5.67" I think) but my first girlfriend still left me. I'm shorter than average (5' 4" I think) so I ruminated on my height and weight (115 lb). But, there was no connection between us. I loved her dearly but it didn't happen the other way around (plus lots of other factors). She left me for another guy and started dating him the same night she dumped me. Ouch, to say the least. My body wasn't the issue. It was our compatibility and her immaturity that really caused such a drastic breakup for me ("it's not you, it's me" type of BS). Just like height doesn't REALLY matter that much, penis size doesn't correlate or cause happiness and acceptance.

I promise you that your penis is just fine. Your ancestors brought forth your genetic code is dandy. In an evolutionary sense, penis size itself has NOTHING to do with being a good provider, lover, and father. NOTHING.

Remember this: You can be a great father, lover, provider, man, and more by using your mind and heart well. Biology is one thing you can't control but your environment is something you can,

Do some research about penis size. Rely on scientific data from numerous sources. You'll quickly find that most women don't care as long as you have a penis. Most orgasmic potential comes from the clitoris anyway. Even if you strictly penetrate a woman from behind, you can engage her clitoris with your hands and make both of you feel supremely naughty.

Doing that is a major turn-on alone. Do you care about vaginal depth? Probably not. As long as you can fit in, you're not going to care.

So, if you don't judge women that way, then isn't there a high likelihood that a woman exists who doesn't judge you?

Depression sucks. I admit it. The world would be a messed up place if we ranked people on penis size. This world is yours to define. Do you always want to be focused on your less-than-average penis size? I bet not. Take a risk and assert pride in your identity.

It's all going to be okay. You are worthy regardless of your penis size.

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It really isn't the size of your dick that matters. If it were, a LOT of people would be in trouble. And to be honest, I have absolutely no idea how big my exes were, or even which one was bigger, that is not what I was focusing on at the moment. Don't be so hard on yourself.
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my penis is very small (4 inches) and of course if its gonna be short its gonna be thin (girth: 1 inch) im 15 and its not right!!!! grrrrr, I have the tiny-est balls to. People at school are starting to notice im not equipt :( i need help!!!!!!!!

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Honestly, I really don't care about the size of a guys dick. Tbh, I'd rather it not be huge, because it hurts. A lot. (well, me anyway) For me, as long as it works, it's fine.
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