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Men- what do you REALLY want?

This is a discussion on Men- what do you REALLY want? within the Male Issues forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; I'd like a girlfriend that loved me for me....

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I'd like a girlfriend that loved me for me.

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Im a Man and All i want is
1) to do good
2) to have a happy intimate relationship with a woman. I pretty much agree with jerimiah, cept looks barely matter in my own opinion. its just how other people view themselves and they believe their own looks matter. anyone who can deal with my bullshit is good enough for the most part.
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Originally Posted by b0ris View Post
i just want someone who will treat me the same as i treat them, & think like i do:
Be honest, dont hurt my feelings, show me love, dont make me jealous because thats hurtful too, dont look at other men or talk of how u fancy other ppl in fornt of me, treat me with respect & dont change your attitude/persona in front of your friends/family, spend time with me more than your friends, when u say "yes" mean it or else be honest & say "no". Understand that when i say "no" its not rejection i'm just being honest. Look nice for me sometimes & not just when u go out with your friends

i think appearance is kinda important because the 1st thing that attracts me to a woman is the way she looks. It doesnt mean she has to be drop dead gorgeous, but a nice smile goes a long way for me. A smile can make a woman more attractive. I think that everyone has their own visual image in their head of what they percieve to be attractive & i think that we do tend to be attracted to a woman who looks a certain way.
Of course after the physical attraction comes the point where u find whether u are actually mentally attracted to this person, & this is where it'll either work or not. If theres no chemistry then it'll be a dead end.

Really? U think that only men do this? From my own personnal experience i have heard more women talk about mens arses, how they look, how their bf/some guy they met fucked them in certain postions/places, or how they gave them a blow job in the back of a car or how big their dick was/wasnt, or how they crave a dick inside them at the moment. I find women seem to be more vulgar than men these days.
And for me personnaly i dont want to know what ppl get up to nor do i share any details of my sex life with others either.

so true!
The kindness of a stranger is something to never be taken lightly, but to be thankful for with the depth of your heart.
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I suppose if I take the title of this post literally; I want a Rich, Young, Well-Endowed man who will make me a Kept Queer and will buy me whatever I want. For every occasion (Birthday, Christmas, Anniversaries, etc.) he will give me a million dollars and when he dies, at the age of 30 - He will leave his vast fortune, in the billions, to me. So I can shop, travel and fuck for the rest of my life...

Is that too much to ask?
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At the moment?

Someone to love me and hug me.
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I want an intelligent woman who stimulates my mind. A woman capable of working and conquering any career, but chooses to stay home and be the champion of the family. I believe children deserve at least one parent at home at all times. I would like this to be my wife.

Loyalty, honesty and devotion are all musts! If I'm going to stay loyal to my wife, I obviously expect the same from her. I will always be honest with my wife, and I expect the same in return. I also expect my wants, desires and needs to be tended to by my wife, just as I would tend to hers.

She must become my best friend and consider me to be hers. We must prioritize each other over everyone else.
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Are women allowed to answer this thread? I hope you find a good guy, as they are very rare.
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i dont wanna sound upmyself.. because im modestt..its 1 of my morals../ethics...
but i get told..nearlly daily.. that im not a jerk..that im one of the really nice guys..
i a girl..who will treat me fair... whho i can speak to for hours on ends..and who understands..that at times..i get sad...i get jealous..i dont trust anyone..but not cuz they have done shit..just cuzof my depression... i dont care about looks..but my really good..and my current simply amazing..but i dont care what they look like..i just want them to be themselves..i want a girl who will say no..if theres something she doesnt want..and i want a girl who pushes me todo matter how tedious the thing is..i.e eating, sleeping, hw etc...

i hope that helps...but as people say..every guy is best friends are friend rob..he just likes to hookup.. good looks..but HAS to have a good he dont want a relationship with em..just hook ups..

its weird..
hope this helps:)
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What I want from a female?
Oh, I could list things all day. But they are things that I will never see in a woman.
There is no such thing as a woman who wants to spend hours speaking about philosophical questions regarding ethics of a robot, military utopia or nationalism. Who doesn't want a sexual relationship and who is something else than a... Dishwasher. Not independent, yet not revolutionary.

Basically, I'd like a female copy of myself.
I don't even like females but I'd like to hear their opinions too.
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if the original is asking all men, the male sex in general, that answer would be easy since there has already been thousands of studies done to answer that specific question.

the harsh reality is that the factor which affects men the most is physical appearance. as someone once wrote, "men love with their eyes, not with their hearts." maybe i am too much of a cynic to believe in anything else. then comes personality, and everything after that.

for me, i don't even know anymore. i am a very, very confused person.
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