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A Man With No Confidence

This is a discussion on A Man With No Confidence within the Male Issues forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; Originally Posted by 30oddsix Yeah, what posters above said. I might add, I agree there is no such thing as ...

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Originally Posted by 30oddsix View Post
Yeah, what posters above said.

I might add, I agree there is no such thing as a guy who can't get any woman. Thing is, when mosty guys complain they can't get a woman, what they are really saying is " I can't get a ATTRACTIVE woman." Your problem, my friend, is your standards are too high.

Attractive women are like rich/confident men- they can afford to be total d-bags and pick whichever mate they like.

Me? I just accept that I probably will be alone forever. I engage in risky behaviors, knowing that if I get hurt/die, it won't really matter to anyone.
Actually no, all girls are fair game to me, if only one liked me.
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Girls notice my lack of confidence straight away. I can't hide it, it's so obvious. It's like i had a large sign on my chest with "no confidence" written on it. I think it affects my body language and everything.
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I feel the exact same way. Although, some positives come along in my life every now and again that make me feel better.I mostly work on my physical appearence, because that is the source of my social anxiety. maybe you can find what your source is and begin improvements. It might make you feel better. :[
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Sometimes (especially when reading about nice guys vs bad boys and confidence and shit, as I am now) I'm meant to be alone because I don't fit the shit that women find attractive. Meh. Shit depresses me when I think about it too long.
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the problem with nice guys is woman dont have to fix them..or train them..as for the confidence issue..i have great confidence but doesnt help me..do i have girls who are friends..yes but it never goes past that
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Yeah it is pretty funny how some women (no offence) moan about their bf's and yet they stick by them. Some women just hate the sight of me, they don't want me to be there, but I try and make an effort to talk to them even though I am quiet most of the time.
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Being nice and being confident aren't mutually exclusive. Some women actually do like sensitive guys, despite the stereotype.

I do think, however, being outwardly insecure is like kryptonite to attracting women. If you let them walk all over you, they will, and they won't respect you. It's not that they won't be your friend or what not, but you won't be attractive to them.

Of course lots of insecure guys still end up hooking up, they just have a much harder time than anyone else.

Oh, and you can be insecure and project confidence or even over compensate. It's really how you come across more than what's inside, unfortunately.
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I feel almost exactly like you at school. We are very alike in this part:

"At work, at school, I am extremely quiet, because of my social anxiety I am afraid to initiate conversations. I am very insecure with myself, my looks, my intelligence, everything. I constantly doubt myself. I am extremely jealous of other people, especially men I see that can get women."

I'm real shy and hardly talk at school. But I can't even get a girlfriend which contributes to my low confidence. Well one thing I'd reccomend so that you can feel better about yourself is think about something you're good at.I'm not very good at anything though so thats hard for me.
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