Very Much Of Hardships & Waste of 8 years...
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Very Much Of Hardships & Waste of 8 years...

This is a discussion on Very Much Of Hardships & Waste of 8 years... within the Love and Relationships forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; Back at the beginning of sean and our relationship back in 2013 his own father suddenly passed away from a ...

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Unhappy Very Much Of Hardships & Waste of 8 years...

Back at the beginning of sean and our relationship back in 2013 his own father suddenly passed away from a sudden Heart Attack while he ( sean's father) was working out of town and Sean called me and I was there for him as; it hard for me because at the time I have cared and love sean. My own father and I both went to his father's service out of respect. at this time I was not ever with Sean 2 whole months from meeting on an online dating site. And he met my father and mother and they seem to think he was good enough for me. Sean had started saying If I love him than I should Fight for him . during his time of him cheating and had to continue denying that the female name Lindsay had been dating him even when my own father had asked Sean multiple times why he would be on his laptop or his cell phone... If he had come over to spend time with me. Then Sean finally had got caught badly told me that It was my problem. I have been dating my boyfriend Sean for 8 years since June 23rd, 2013. I have noticed that he was on his cell phone more while we would be together. We would be having dinner with my parents and he would not put his cell phone down and so my father got aggravated and ask him to put it away we are having dinner right now. quickly he would say "oh I'm just texting my mother" sean replied. But earlier that evening while he was at his parents' place he was also on his phone the entire night. Over the eight years now that we've been together I've noticed that sean's demeanor has changed in the beginning we would be going out on dates we wouldn't stay in my parents' house or my parent's condominium. When he was busy I decided enough was enough and then I found 2 Hallmark cards saying happy anniversary and happy birthday both signed love wifey always and forever written inside signed by another female who I never met name was Lindsay.

When I confronted him that night about the cards that I have found he became very defensive. Saying she was just a friend. Don't worry about it.

After that night Sean began to distance himself after a few months. we stopped going out to movie dates and always stay inside. When I had to move up to the Northside of Chicago and he lived on the southside of the city. he kept making excuses not to come to visit me. telling me he has to be at work at his job. had his job is only 13 miles away from where I moved to I began digging and I noticed pictures online on Instagram of him and the other female I questioned him about it yeah he kept denying and saying they were photoshopped yet the other girl messaged me and told me he was with her and then I should have left them alone a long time ago because they were together in back in 2015 Sean confronted me and told me not to post photos of him and me from 2018 New Year's Eve that I should not have posted anything on MY OWN Facebook.

Then his birthday this back 2019, he told me that he was staying home until I message the other female and she told me that he and she were at a baseball game. I asked sean about where he was really at and he got very upset and started yelling at me and told me I was a darn jerk to start drama on his birthday and that the other female got him baseball tickets for his birthday and I should shut up not acting like a child and I never respect or care for him when he needed me the most. So now Sean finally told me he made a mistake that It was my fault in putting the Idea in his mind about being in an " open relationship "

Yet; I asked what was his opinion on an Open Relationship? Then he said he did not believe in that type of relationship & That he believes love is between 2 people not more than just 2 people. As my father passed away from lung cancer in March 2017. Sean then happened to go off and go to a baseball game on May 8th, 2017. Not even spending any time with me after my life fell apart without my father.

Then after that, he tells me that I am drama and all I do is start problems.

Then I found out he claims he was forced by the female in buying her Not 1 but 4 different rings as she lied and claimed she needed to prove to her friends that she was engaged and in a relationship. That she lied to him about how she "misplaced " the 3 other rings. yet she sent me photos with them.
And I question Sean again about how was he such a fool ??!
Because On January 2020.

The female that he had an open relationship with called the police on him after she told him to come to her apartment to pick up his items ( HIS Own old child-hood blanket, 28 Blue-Ray/ DVDs )

Now Sean had been telling me he is "Sorry and that his heart was deeply hurting even though his face was smile."

Kept saying he wants to fix his mistakes with me after he had multiple times wasted gas every time to go 20 mins away from my apartment and go to that other female's apartment and then continues to see me a play mind games. Told me he so sleepy from his so-called working every day 5-6 days and nights a week due to working at his busser and a bar back at the Hilton. Get very defense about Why I don't have any parking spot where I live since I live in the city so it comes as first comes gets that parking. He tells me I am the one who completely changed for the worst.
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I am sorry no one answered you before. But I hope you are not with him anymore because he doesn't deserve you. You deserve to be happy and not to be treated like that.
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