"ur onli smiling bc of the fact u have a bf"
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"ur onli smiling bc of the fact u have a bf"

This is a discussion on "ur onli smiling bc of the fact u have a bf" within the Love and Relationships forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; i was talking to my sister today about how excited i was about going over to see him, and she ...

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Default "ur onli smiling bc of the fact u have a bf"

i was talking to my sister today about how excited i was about going over to see him, and she looked at me and says "i think ur onli smiling bc ur happy about the fact that u have a bf. i think ur onli happy bc someone loves u and that ur not really happy with how things r" i said "well, no im not. i dont like the distance between me and andy, but thats y im going, then hes going to come here, then im going bk to there". and then she went to sex whcih completely caught me off guard!
but its just, she said the same thing to me in high school, when i was 16 and i dated a 23 yr old. and hse was right, i was onli with him bc i liked the attention he gave me. but this is different! or atleast i think it is.y would she say that to me! she knows how i am! and now i have a bunch of nerves to back up her thoery! but i no this isnt like carsten (the 23 yr old). im more grown up, more confident, i love myself more then i did when i was 16, trust in myeslf more. now, id be happy with or without him. true i wouldnt be this happy, but i would still be happy, and confident, and everything else. idk, now im getting second thoughts about our hole relationship, and its stupid! its not the fact that i have a bf that makes me smile and happy, its the fact im happy with him. idk how to explain it i guess. but im n love iwth him and he loves me, all that matters, right? so y am i here overthinking about it then? if thats the case, then y cant i just simply say to myself "no, shes wrong, let it go"
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maybe because she was right the other time, u respect her opinion?
i think it's fine to consider it, but if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit.,.
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hey girl
good to hear from u again))
i used to have this best friend and it was totally mixed
she would tell me alla nd i would tell her all and then we advised each other
too much, we were too close and there was really too much of her in my life definetley (maybe for her it was the same but i felt like she always wanted to spend time together and i foten wanted to escape break free and do some things without her)
so anyways i realised that i couldnt hear my own thoughts and couldnt understand how i felt about different situations/relationships/guys and evthg else!!
i am very glad this friendship ended as in teh end it became unsupportable and she criticiced me so much and i was lost.
now i always try to understand myslef first and to have my own opinion about things. PPl can influence me easily or destroy my mood so i never feel obliged to tell them evthg about me nor do i discuss very personal things with them unless i really want to and if i do i have to assume the consequences (that they can disapprove what i say/do and i will have to face that). Usually i prefer to keep this distance and have my own world for me and it works well coz i do what i want (not what they want) and if its wrong i learn without feeling down coz of someone's remarks. And i dont have their voices and doubts in my head. Its hard enough to figure out what i want and think, so i try not so put another burden on me and to be obliged to explain (frustrating) or to have doubts (horrible).
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If I remember rightly, you said yourself that your relationship with your sister is a little... tense, for lack of a better word? Chances are she's just being a bit vicious in that weird way siblings are. I wouldn't pay too much attention to it. Ultimately, only the two people in the relationship can truly understand what makes it tick. Your sister can't know for sure if her negative view of it is right. If she is right and things don't work out, well... at least you can say you tried and you can learn from it. And if they do, you can smirk at her and go 'HA!' ;)
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