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Fuck Your Love Story Disney

This is a discussion on Fuck Your Love Story Disney within the Love and Relationships forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; I'm just so sick of waiting and waiting and waiting for nothing to happen. I'm attractive. I'm young and just ...

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Default Fuck Your Love Story Disney

I'm just so sick of waiting and waiting and waiting for nothing to happen. I'm attractive. I'm young and just graduated from college. And only 30+ year old dudes stare at my chest or try and hit on me discretely while I try very hard to enjoy my temporary shitty job. Good freaking lord, I'm so tired of being lonely and just waiting on a love story to just happen. Sure, I could go out and pursue some jackass at a bar somewhere...but would I be better off doing that and having my heart broken, then just getting over my loneliness and...waiting for Mr. Right?
I just feel like there must be something wrong with me. I'm a good girl for one. Maybe that's my problem. I have such high standard which are simple moral codes such as: don't cheat on me (I've never cheated on anything in my life), have enough decency to not flirt with another girl in front of me, treat me like I'm someone you could love forever, and just be my best friend. That's not that demanding is it? I'm fun, outgoing, and have tons of friends who are intimidated by my energy and quirky personality but that's nothing when you get down to it. And yea. I do have a nice body. But still waiting for Mr. Right while all my friends are in various relationships and some actually getting married!! Good fucking lord of my rant, I'm just tired of seeing my skanky friends get the nice guy-break his heart into a million pieces and just laugh to myself at how funny all of this really is...I mean come one. Just because I don't start up a conversation with you..doesn't mean for a chance I'm not dying to talk to you. I guess both sides need an invitation that was lost in the mail..just my luck.
I won't lie. When I was younger. I did think that ladies were suppose to be more passive and wait for Prince charming to show up and be, well, completely charming and into you. Which my pass relationship were a let down in that area. We always started out friends. I've never had a guy just walk up to me in public and say "Hello beautiful. Would you like to grab a cup of coffee" or just something. I know its scary for you guys out there. But my advise to you is to just go for it. She is probably wanted you to talk to her just as badly as she wants to talk to you. Don't always go for the girl in the center of the room. That might be the best for a life time friend/partner...well maybe a one night stand, but anyone who can just do that is probably no someone you would want to marry. But what do I know. Probably why I'm still single, out in the fucking forest talking to animals. Fuck you Disney. There aren't real life love stories anymore... Or at least not to me. And fuck that fifty shades of grey shit. I didn't even read that and feel that if you want to do something in bed then fucking go for it. That's not the time to hold back. Fuck all you nice guys that think I'm already dating someone. I'm not. Do I need to write it on my forehead? I can't be any clearer without flat out saying "I dig you dude. Let's go play the legend of zelda and then make out till the sun goes away." Ugh.
Even my room mate who has never had a boyfriend and has always been...on the heavier side has someone now. I guess that's why I'm really upset. I've been participating in life's game too and haven't had anyone around my age so much as smile at me. Blah. Jealousy is terrible to feel hidden under so much joy for her having that attention and someone in her life, but I have been single for a couple years now. When can I say, I've been with someone x amount of years? Who knows...

The Science of Selling Yourself Short by Less Than Jake is the song of tonight. Sweet dreams my fellow heart breakers :l
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I believe that if you want something out of life, don't wait for it to come to you, look for it instead. Rather than sitting and complaining, go out there and look for a guy. Noone is going to come knocking at your door saying "Hello I'm your soulmate" If that was the case we would all be in perfect relationships.

Also, I personally don't get why the Bar is the only place people think of looking for mates. You could be in the supermarket, at a local park, the mall, an art museum, somewhere else that's not a bar and still find a mate, you just gotta look. Regarding standards, the ones you have are reasonable as long as you don't overstress about it. Some girls just lose it if the guy does so much as look to his side. They want a partner not a commanding officer who's gonna scream and whip them every time they make the smallest of mistakes, their not dogs you know. And some of us guys do like the quirky types but again you gotta look sometimes.
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I said this in another thread a few days ago and I'm going to say it again,
Sometimes to find love you have to stop and learn to love yourself. I spent years trying to find someone, with no luck. After a couple of really bad relationships I said no more, I am going to live by myself the rest of my life. I'm just going to stay single, I don't want another relationship.

A year later after I learned how to be alone with myself, how to be happy by myself, this woman started where I worked, we hated each other for a few months, and got to having fun trying to piss each other off, and fell in love, we've now been married 17 yrs. So fairytales do happen, but sometimes you have to take yourself off the market first.
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