(A bit childish) never been kissed
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(A bit childish) never been kissed

This is a discussion on (A bit childish) never been kissed within the Love and Relationships forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; I think part of the reason that I have bad self esteem is because I never seem to attract any ...

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Red face (A bit childish) never been kissed

I think part of the reason that I have bad self esteem is because I never seem to attract any attention from the opposite sex. Seems trivial but it does hurt a bit, especially as I haven't ever kissed someone.
That is a big thing for me. Alright, I'm almost 16, so it's not that bad, but honestly, why doesn't anyone want to kiss me? I'm not completly hideous! It worries me that I have had no interest from the opposite sex, it makes me feel unlovable. And I know many of you who read this may scoff and tell me I'm still quite young and boys don't matter, etc, etc. But as childish as it is, I just want someone to have a crush on me. So I can be reassured that I am normal, and there is a possibility being liked, maybe even loved by someone.
I'm quite sick of going out and having my friends being flirted with and noticed, and all guys ever do is look at me, but not in a way that they would if they were admiring me. They just stare, without smiling, and it makes me feel self conscious. Are they noticing something on my face, or are they just marvellong at my hideousness? Are they thinking I'm fat? My insecurities just do my head in sometimes.
Anyway, although it may seem like I'm overreacting, just wanted to put this out there. Is it strange that no one has had a crush on me, even though I am friendly and interact with the opposite sex frequently? I mean, I do have friends that are guys, but no crushes.
I know, poor me, it's sooo horrible, right (note the sarcasm, I realise my problem is hardly a problem) . And if you are a male, especially a teenage one, explain the actions of your fellow species! Why do my friends always get talked to and asked out, but not me, even though I act as friendly as them? Why do they just give me strange looks? It confuses ne, if anyone has an insight, feel free to give it.
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We always imagine that it should be the guys that ask for the girls but I've come to learn that the guys are almost as, if not more, shy than us in the dating area.
I suggest you have some fun and browse through the relationships advice websites (i found a really good one some time ago, shall I track it down?) and body language is also really good to look at.
No one's born with knowledge on how to fall in love, how to have a crush, anything like that. Think of love as being a lake...first you walk around the shore, looking at the water, then you step into the water, testing it and you either find the water is warm or it is cold. Then you step out deeper, until you can start to swim and then before you know it you can float and enjoy the colours of the water.
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If I were you I would just have fun with boys. I'm male so I probably had fun with girls. You know what I mean by having fun. Flirting etc. But if your'e into a bigger relationship, the best for you would be is to find a "loner" bf just like yourself. No offence but relations between such people are best, you give yourselves time to learn trusting each other. No cheating usually in such relations also. Just my point of view.
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Well if you're fat the first reason they are going to look at you and the first thing that crosses their minds is that you're fat.

If you are semi attractive or semi not-attractive they'll move along unless you show some interest, befriend them and so on and by doing that you'll seem more and more prettier in their eyes as time goes by. And than it will happen naturally.

Notice that if you are fat (I mean obese) and semi attractive they might not even show interest what so ever in befriending you.

This is like for 80% of the guys. The rest leaves us with not horny, good hearted guys, and the average population of TTL... lonely guys which will befriend anyone and some even more.
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