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Lost Son to Sucide

This is a discussion on Lost Son to Sucide within the Lost to Suicide forums, part of the Suicide Forums category; My Son Adam was 26..drug addict..thought his only way out was a gun to his head...I just feel so helpless ...

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Default Lost Son to Sucide

My Son Adam was 26..drug addict..thought his only way out was a gun to his head...I just feel so helpless and sad, angry...His father and I tried so many times to help him, all I think about is what his last few hours must have been like. He had taken his fathers truck and went to our cabin a few hours from were we live..we found out were he was and called the police to check on well being of him and it got out of control from there..the police surrounded the home and Adam wouldn't talk to them...he had himself locked in the upstairs bedroom...after 7 hours they shot tear gas into the window...we don't know if he had already shot himself or if the police made a bad situation worse....there are so many what if or I shouldn't have..I can hardley stand it....Adam was our only child..and has a 9yr. daughter...I can only imagine what she must be feeling..
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i am sorry. i can only imagine what you must be feeling...i don't know what to say other than it was not your fault. you tried your best to help. i tried to kill myself twice and my parents couldn't have cared less. i wish more parents were like you.
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I truly, truly, know how you feel. The pain in your heart right now is so deep and there's just no easy way to deal with it. I am glad you are here, though, as you will get support and comfort. You will find yourself needing to vent, rant, rave - and yes, just cry and ask for love. You will get it here.

Your life will have to be pieced back together slowly - as the saying goes, "One day at a time." While that may seem to simple, it truly is the only way to go. Actually, at first it is only one hour at a time, as I am sure you have discovered.

You did all that you could and the "what if's" are necessary for a time. You can't avoid it, so just do it as long as it feels like it is helping. In the end, there will be no answers to them and finding the questions futile, you will give them up. There are no what if's that can be answered adequately.

My son committed suicide, too, and I have been on the journey that you are on now. I am here to offer what advice, comfort, and encouragement that I can. My heart breaks as I re-enter that space and time in my head when I know what you're going through. Just know that I deeply feel your pain.

Stay on here and talk to us when you can.


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